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Climate change continues to threaten many parts of the world, and Singapore is no exception. The country’s weather is becoming hotter and rainstorms are becoming worse.

With this, people are encouraged to adopt a sustainable mindset and start such practices in their own homes. If you’re a mum who’s into recycling used items or a dad who just can’t tolerate plastic wastes, it may be time for you to begin inculcating the same values to your kids. It doesn’t have to sound complicated—start with introducing homewares and items that are more eco-friendly at home.

Thanks to these brands, the world is making a turn towards sustainability.

#1 Thermos

Thermos prides itself as a pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated lifestyle products that’s perfect for anyone. Now, its lineup of sustainable products has become more interesting with the introduction of its new Straw Bottles for active young children. The all-new Thermos FHL-401F Straw Bottle with Pouch offers a stylish and convenient alternative to one-use disposables, while keeping children well-hydrated. You can choose from two colours—blue and light pink—and you can even customise their labels. 

For eco-conscious adults, wave goodbye to single-use food containers and purchase Thermos’ bestselling food jars instead, which can store both hot or cold dishes for at least six hours. All Thermos products are available at major department stores in Singapore.

 #2 IKEA 

As one of the biggest champions of sustainable everyday living, IKEA’s products are created via earth-friendly processes, using materials that as much as possible, leave the least carbon footprint. The brand is committed to using only sustainable cotton in its products including sofas, cushions, linens, and fabrics. With wooden home furniture as some of its bestselling offerings, IKEA has pledged not to source wood from sources involved in forest-related conflicts or illegal harvests. Other responsible practices of the brand are the use of natural fibres, recycled materials, and renewable plastics.

#3 Your Sustainable Store

Make the switch to bamboo cutleries, collapsible cups, reusable produce bags, and cleaning materials that will not only save you dollars but will also save the environment. Your Sustainable Store is an online store created to promote a wide range of stylish and affordable sustainable products that can inspire more to lead an environmentally-aware lifestyle.

 #4 Unpackt

Unpackt is known as Singapore’s first locally-sourced, zero-waste store that sells household items that mums will surely find useful. From surface cleaners to superfood powders, there’s a lot to stock up on. Just bring your own empty containers and fill them to the brim.

#5 Sojao

Sleep even better knowing you’re able to protect the world from climate change by simply opting to use organic bedding from local brand Sojao. Sojao offers luxury bedding made of organic cotton without synthetic pesticides or insecticides which, in turn, lessen the toxins that are used in conventional cotton farming. Not only are the bedsheets hypoallergenic, their textile quality is also considerably better, benefitting both you and the environment.

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