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Parenting a newborn can be both tough and exciting especially if you already have a toddler in tow. This means taking care of two kids at the same time, which will demand a lot of your physical strength and even emotional health. It’s important to know the steps you can take to juggle your role as a mum to a newborn and a toddler without having to compromise your wellbeing as well. Follow these five simple tips to make your life a little bit easier. 

#1 Create a toddler-friendly area at home

You don’t want to be compromising the safety of your toddler while caring for a new baby so setting up a toddler-friendly area at home will give you some peace of mind. At times when you really cannot attend to both, you simply have to leave your toddler in this safe zone and let him play (but ensure he is still supervised) while you take care of your baby’s needs. This area may include puzzle mats, toddler shelves with toys and items your little child can simply pick up when left alone, as well as a toddler-sized table and chair. 

#2 Seek support if you have to

Now is the time to get as much support as you can because nursing a newborn is not an easy task, let alone with another child already walking around. Knowing that you have your partner and family to rely on when times get unbearable is good enough of a place to be. If you lack sleep due to the demands of both of your kids, consider asking a family member to look after your older child once in a while so you can recuperate, or talk to your partner about splitting time for your toddler so you don’t have to bear it all.

#3 Coordinate naps

It may be a bit challenging to do but coordinating the naps of both of your newborn and toddler will go a long way. It’s when they’re asleep at the same time that you get the time you need to really focus on yourself or other tasks at home. At first, your effort would be more of a trial and error as there is no perfect formula to have both kids sleep at the same time. You can start by settling your newborn first and putting your toddler to bed next.

#4 Put yourself first

When you finally have the time to yourself, it may be tempting to spend it by doing house chores or attending to unmet needs at home. But it will be more beneficial for you to use that time to catch up on some Zzzs or do some self-care routine. Consider asking your husband to do the house chores for you while you take your much-deserved, well-earned break.

#5 Ensure that your toddler gets your attention too

Having a new baby in the house may sometimes take the attention and the time you have for your toddler away from him. Set aside time for toddler stories or schedule a bonding session with both you and your partner so your little one doesn’t feel neglected with the coming of your new family member.

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