Grandpa Cherry Blossom

Shiro, the little dog and Grandpa are the best of friends. One day, the little dog surprises Grandpa with a secret – it can sniff out gold!

It leads Grandpa deep into the forest and straight to a pot of gold. But Grandpa’s greedy neighbour finds out about Shiro’s special gift and wants the dog all to himself.  What will happen to Shiro? Will Grandpa find out about his neighbour’s wicked plan in time? Does kindness beget kindness?

A theatrical retelling of the popular Japanese folktale, Grandpa Cherry Blossom is a heartwarming tale of friendship and gratitude.

Date    : 6 – 21 May
Venue :
Esplanade Theatre Studio
Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
​Tickets available on SISTIC