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Guide To Confinement Nannies & Food Services In SG

The post-natal period is usually the special time for mummies to recuperate after going through pregnancy and delivery. However, it is more difficult to get the time and space you need to recover when you have to attend to a newborn baby. Thankfully, there are experienced professionals who are available to provide you with a helping hand so that you can get your much-needed rest, and gain your strength back with nutritious meals.

We’ve gathered some of the best confinement nannies and food services available in Singapore, so that you can get the finest care and attention.

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Photo credit: PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Providing a comprehensive confinement plan that fits all your confinement needs, the agency offers a confinement package that consists of eight core services that are provided by the well-trained confinement nannies, to ensure both mother and baby are well taken care of.

The eight core services are:
– Brewing of herbal tonics and red dates tea
– Doing the laundry for both mother and baby
– Preparing a special confinement bath for the mother
– Assisting mothers with technique for breastfeeding
– 24-hours baby care
– Confinement food preparation
– Simple household chores

Visit PEM Confinement Nanny Agency for more information.

Confinement Angels

Photo credit: Confinement Angels

An accredited partner of Thomson ParentCraft Centre and a popular choice among local celebrities, they provide high-quality trained confinement nannies that have undergone hands-on practical training and Thomson ParentCraft Centre’s Confinement Nanny training syllabus. The comprehensive range of services are designed to provide support and assistance in every aspect of your confinement period. From stay-in round the clock support to general housekeeping tasks, they are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of care for mummies and their babies.

Visit Confinement Angels for more information.

Aunty Lee Confinement Nanny

Photo credit: Aunty Lim Confinement Nanny

As a mother herself, Aunty Lee has over 35 years of infant care experience and she is also a trained, certified confinement nanny who’s well-versed in TCM herbs and tonics. On top of her services as a daytime confinement nanny, Aunty Lee also provides ad-hoc post-natal massage for mothers and conducts one-on-one classes in handling Confinement tasks.

Visit Aunty Lee Confinement Nanny for more information.

Gladys Care 1987

Photo credit: Gladys Care 1987

A certified lactation consultant with seven years of experience, Gladys provides an all-rounded service as a confinement nanny including lactation services and massage services for mother and infant. She also provides pre-natal care by preparing a special diet for mummies-to-be for a smooth delivery. Having worked for mummies of different nationalities for many years, Gladys offers a highly personalised service, often tweaking her recipes to cater to special requirements.

Visit Gladys Care 1987 for more information.

Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery


To continue the commitment of care to mothers, this initiative by Thomson Medical Centre provides thoughtfully crafted nutritious meals directly to the homes of recuperating mothers. Infused with fresh, carefully selected ingredients and herbs, the menu serves up a modern blend of East meets West, while retaining the rich traditional tastes of confinement favourites. From the flavourful Fish and Papaya Soup to the timeless Braised Pig’s Trotters with Black Vinegar, the delicious spread is low in salt and fat but full of natural goodness and great nutritional value.

Price range:
7-Day Lunch and Dinner: $643
14-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $643
14-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,188
28-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $1,188
28-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,788
28-Day Lunch and Dinner (with 10-Day Pig’s Trotters Vinegar): $1,938

Visit Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery for more information.

Nanny SOS!

Consuming the right type of confinement food is important as it is beneficial for recuperation after childbirth. Using Chinese herbs, sesame oil and other essential confinement food ingredients, the food menu is specially designed to cater to replenish the nutrients in the body. As such, no ‘heaty’ dishes are included in their offerings to avoid upsetting the body’s balance.  

Price range:
7-Day Lunch and Dinner: $430
14-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $430
14-Day Lunch and Dinner: $860
20-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $600
20-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,200
28-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $840
28-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,680

Visit Nanny SOS! for more information.

Natal Essentials


As a specialist in post-natal food preparation, mummies can expect a customised menu filled with meals that are flavoured with special ingredients such as herbs, ginger, wine and sesame oil that have beneficial properties for the body. All meals are specially prepared by an experienced cook with less oil, less salt, and no MSG as they are designed to enhance the type of healing your body needs and replenish the nutrients you may have lost.

Price range:
Non-Package Customised Menu: $32.10 per meal
7-Day Lunch and Dinner: $447.26
14-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $447.26
14-Day Lunch and Dinner: $875.26
28-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $875.26
20-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,271.16
28-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,699.16

Visit Natal Essentials for more information.

RichFood Catering


With a team of professional chefs and cooks, you’re in for a delectable, high quality and healthy confinement meal. Packed in nondescript disposable containers, the meals are always delivered warm and in generous portions. The extensive menu offers a wide array of dishes to choose from, fitting within the criteria of every dietary requirement and restriction. Providing a comprehensive selection of dishes that are a fine balance of great taste and nutrition, you are bound to stay pampered and well-fed throughout your confinement period.

Price range:
7-Day Lunch and Dinner: $358.86
14-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $358.86
14-Day Lunch and Dinner: $709.82
20-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $516.79
20-Day Lunch and Dinner: $990.58
28-Day Lunch or Dinner only: $709.82
28-Day Lunch and Dinner: $1,341.54

Visit RichFood Catering for more information.

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