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With train faults and overcrowding happening so frequently, sometimes it does seem impossible to be on time as a Singaporean. However, it’s important to note that punctuality is an important habit to have. For children to keep the habit, they have to be taught from a very young age as it takes time to inculcate it in them. Besides making it to school on time, they should be made to realise the value of time and importance of punctuality in every task that they perform.

  1. Sleeping early
    Children will always want to extend play time or screen time as the day draws to a close. Parents have to be strict about bed time and remind them that they will get to continue with play time the next day or on the weekends. Sleeping on time leads to early risers, preventing them from being late.
  2. Getting up on time
    Everybody has different sleeping styles and some children may be deeper sleepers. It’s normal as an adult to wake your children up from a young age, however it’s also important to teach them to get up by themselves with an alarm so that they learn how to do it on their own.
  3. Packing in advance
    Teaching kids to always prepare in advance will get them into the habit of wasting less time getting ready in the morning.
  4. Staying organised
    Hectic school schedules may prevent children from remembering all of their given tasks, so it would help if they keep a notebook or student diary to note down all of their tasks and assignments. 
  5. Allocating time to each task
    Even though it may seem hard at first, kids are actually quite used to being time-sensitive since they have been assigned time slots for specific activities from the time that they start kindergarten. When they have homework or other household tasks to do, assign them a specific amount of time to complete it so that they will not procrastinate and keep to the habit of being punctual.

Remember to instil these good habits into children while giving them time to adapt – and remember, the best way to teach them is to always lead by example!

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