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Perhaps you stumbled across the Heguru programme on your search for a preschool. Or you’ve heard rave reviews about the enrichment programme from fellow parents. What exactly is the Heguru programme and how does it work? We attended a class at Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall to explore the hype.

Experts consider the first three years of a baby’s life the most crucial for brain development, where the sensory stimulation that babies experience can largely influence their cognitive and learning abilities. This is where right brain training comes in. Each brain hemisphere processes information differently. Logic, reasoning and language is helmed by the left brain which processes information slowly. In contrast, the right brain, which takes charge of memory and creativity, is able to process information much quicker.

According to Heguru, exposing a child to right brain training from a young age will help to lay the foundations of analytical thinking, improved concentration and even build a photographic memory.

What is the Heguru Method?


The Heguru method (HEGL method) is essentially right brain training. Developed in Japan after three decades of extensive studies and practicum by Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi, this programme aims to realise children’s untapped potential by stimulating young learners and strengthen their right brain functions. The Heguru method uses various activities to encourage the development of functions such as spatial recognition, mental concentration, concept comprehension and more.

Programmes at Heguru Singapore


Students at Heguru Singapore are grouped into age-appropriate classes which are designed around three main stages of learning: the Infant and Toddler Course (six months to four years old), Preschool I Course (five years old), Preschool II Course (six years old), and Primary Course (seven to 12 years old).

Course highlights

We attended the parent-accompanied Infant and Toddler Course, which comprises over 40 activities geared toward right brain stimulation. Each class is conducted at incredibly swift speeds, which explains how teachers are able to complete every activity within the short timeframe.


There are usually two teachers present – one to lead the class and the other as an assistant to help run the class smoothly. Impressively, all teachers at Heguru Singapore are professionally trained and certified at the Heguru headquarters in Japan! In addition to providing each child with an activity kit that includes worksheets and crayons, the teachers have many teaching materials and props to use throughout the hour-long class.


Each lesson covers different areas through exercises such as memory games using mental association, high speed learning using themed flash cards, numeracy covering even multiplication and division, fine motor skills, language development and building of general knowledge.

Parents may be sceptical about how effective the lessons are especially since classes are so fast-paced that even adults may have difficulty trying to keep up. Children (especially below three years of age) are able to process images and information at much faster speeds than adults can.


That is the objective of the class; by presenting a large influx data in rapid succession, it stimulates the child’s right brain function and in turn increases learning capacity. Plus, the lessons are presented in a fun and engaging way – the rapid pace even helps the little ones stay focused on each activity.

Founder sharing session


Most parents would be curious about the benefits of right brain training and how fast they would see results. As Heguru founders Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi explained, the Heguru education system is designed to draw out children’s potential.

“Before the age of three, a child does not have a ‘mental barrier’. It is a very important stage of development where you have to give them more stimuli.” Mrs Henmi adds, “Think of it like nurturing a tree. The bigger the tree is, and the firmer its roots are, the more your child will be able to enjoy in life. A child’s potential is limitless.”

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