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Here Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018!

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of your first major parenting decisions. The process can swing anywhere from having intense discussions over an endless name list to being blessed with a name both parents love.

With the year coming to a close, we’re celebrating with a useful name guide for parents-to-be. Scroll through our list for a quick round-up of the top 40 most popular baby names of 2018 as revealed by BabyCentre

No. Girl Boy
1 Sophia Jackson
2 Olivia Liam
3 Emma Noah
4 Ava Aiden
5 Isabella Caden
6 Aria Grayson
7 Riley Kucas
8 Amelia Mason
9 Mia Oliver
10 Layla Elijah
11 Zoe Logan
12 Mila Carter
13 Charlotte Ethan
14 Harper Muhammed
15 Lily Jayden
16 Chloe Michael
17 Aaliyah James
18 Adalyn Sebastian
19 Evenlyn  Alexander
20 Avery Mateo

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