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As a first-time parent, caring for a helpless newborn—and taking on the new responsibilities you’re now presented with—can make parenthood seem like the most terrifying process ever. Here are four truths every new mum-to-be should know before embarking on her parenting journey. 

#1 Don’t sweat the small stuff 

Prepping for baby’s arrival won’t be easy, but don’t stress over making sure every little detail is perfect. Babies won’t care about what colour their clothes are or how many toys they have—just take care of the essentials and don’t worry about the rest. 

#2 It’s okay if breastfeeding doesn’t work out

Breastfeeding the baby is definitely the most ideal feeding situation, but it can be ridiculously difficult. It may take several tries before you finally settle into the groove. Or breastfeeding may not work out for long. Regardless of your situation, it’s okay. Bubba will grow up healthy and strong with formula milk, too. 

#3 Take care of yourself 

You’ve just had a baby—your body needs plenty of TLC, too. Your baby will naturally be the new centre of your universe, but don’t forget about taking care of yourself. 

#4 Get support 

Parenthood is a completely different ballgame. Whether it’s joining a new parenting class or reaching out to fellow mummies, building a good support network full of people you can lean on, seek advice from or just commiserate, is essential for any new parent.

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