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Teachers play an important role in a child’s development, especially since schooling these days starts from infant care. With Teacher’s Day just around the corner, what better way to make school time a breeze than by sharing things preschool educators wish parents knew?

#1 Your child IS watching

“As parents, you are the primary role model. Even if it doesn’t look like it, children pick up on parents’ behaviour and habits all the time – which ranges from mimicking your reactions in stressful situations to re-enacting a fight scene from that action movie you were watching last week. Most of the time it’s hilariously adorable, but it can be tough explaining to toddlers why it’s wrong to use Daddy’s favourite ‘catchphrase’.”

#2 Be responsible for your sick kid

“Viruses and bacteria are easily spread in preschools even with strict health and safety measures in place. If your child is feeling unwell, seek medical attention and keep him at home till he’s feeling better!”

#3 Give your child the room to make mistakes

“In our perfection-driven society, stepping back to allow your child to make mistakes can be scary. But giving your little one the opportunity to be independent and responsible will also teach them how to learn from their mistakes, and how to pick themselves up after a ‘failure’. Learning all these from a young age better equips them to face inevitable setbacks when they’re older.”

#4 Have open communication

“Establishing a good parent-teacher relationship will go a long way in ensuring your child gets the best support he or she needs from school and home. As teachers, we spend much time with your little one. Apart from giving you updates on their developmental progress, we’d love to hear your feedback! Definitely keep communication lines open.”

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