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HEYTEA Is Finally Opening In Singapore. Here Are 4 Flavours Worth Queuing For!

In case you haven’t heard, HEYTEA is hitting our shores this Saturday (10 November), and our inner tea lover can’t wait to sample every single item off their menu! Touted as China’s most popular iconic tea brand, these folks are the original inventors of cheese tea – word has it that consumers queue for up to seven hours just to get their hands on a cup. And for delicious blends of high quality tea leaves, fresh fruits, natural rock sugar and natural cheese, we totally get it.


A new addition to HEYTEA’s menu, Singapore-exclusive ice creams in delicious flavours like Salted Egg Yolk, Mango and the ubiquitous Durian. The prices are all pretty affordable, starting from $2.90 for a cuppa! Ahead of HEYTEA’s launch at ION Orchard tomorrow (10 November), we’ve sifted out the top menu offerings you should try, Singapore-exclusive ice cream flavours and all. Scroll through our gallery for our top picks. 

HEYTEA is located at ION Orchard, #B4-29. Enjoy HEYTEA’s opening promotions such as one-for-one beverages*, and receive welcome gifts* while at it! *Terms and conditions apply

Mango Cheezo, $7.90 

Brimming with sweet and juicy goodness, Mango Cheezo goes perfectly with its soothing jasmine green tea (Aqua Green) base.

King Fone, $5.50

Fans of oolong tea will definitely appreciate the premium tea leaves that have been specially harvested for HEYTEA brews. Each leaf undergoes a special smoking process to bring out its fragrance while adding a sweet finish on the palate. 

Strawberry Cheezo, $8.30 

One of HEYTEA’s best sellers, this vivacious beverage combines premium strawberries with jasmine green tea to give a berry sweet taste with every mouthful. Plus, HEYTEA preps the drink to order to ensure it remains fresh! 

Aqua Green, $4.50 

The base for many of our HEYTEA favourites, Aqua Green’s soft jasmine fragrance is a prime choice for those who prefer a subtle taste.