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Cleaning the house can be a laborious job, much more if you have active kids at home. Kids are not the type to just sit and observe you quietly as you clean up your space. We get it—it’s never that easy.

But as your active kids become more playful each passing day and cleaning becomes a habit they grow into, doing household chores can be easier if you keep these hacks in mind:

 #1 Wake up before they do

Waking up an hour or two before your kids do can help you jumpstart your cleaning. This extra time will allow you to do more stuff such as keeping after the toys, doing the the laundry, and washing the dishes.

#2 Downtime is the best time

Or if you are not keen on waking up earlier as you have been up all night taking care of the kids, doing household chores when your child is napping or at school can be the best time for you to do cleaning tasks. These times are the perfect time to do deep cleaning, scrubbing the floors, or vacuuming the surfaces.

#3 Better start ’em young

To prepare them for deep cleaning days, it will be easier for them to do the tasks if you give them daily tasks they can perform. Making their beds, washing the dishes, taking out the trash, and organising their toys and books are some of the daily tasks you can give them on a daily basis.


#4 Limit their toys

Cleaning will be a lot easier if you have less clutter at home. Keep your kids’ toys as limited as possible. Keep them in bins so that when they overflow, that’ll trigger the green light for you to eliminate the toys that are not needed. This will also teach your kids the value of charity by allowing them to donate toys they don’t use anymore.

#5 Start a cleaning contest

Make cleaning more enjoyable by starting a cleaning contest with your kids. Assign them rooms to clean from top to bottom. Whoever finishes the cleaning task the quickest and the most thorough gets an incentive. Not only has your job been lessened, you’ve also taught your kids how to clean the house. It’s a win-win solution, right?

#6 Handle the mess as they come

Cleaning the house will be easier if you handle the mess as they come. Letting the dirt build up all through the day will make you feel overwhelmed when you clean it later.

#7 Be cool, calm, and collected

To keep your cool while cleaning your home with active kids around you, you need to learn how to be flexible. There are days when your plan to clean the house won’t happen because your kids need your attention more. There are days when your dishes would occupy your sink, laundry would pile up, and dirt would start to bury your window sills.

During these days, remind yourself that your kids won’t remain kids forever, and the dishes will be there every day no matter how much time you devote to keep it clean. As much as possible, be flexible with your cleaning schedule and don’t get frustrated when luck doesn’t seem to go your way.

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