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Math is a priority subject for students in Singapore, so much so that Singaporean students are among the world’s best at it globally. Not only can it be attributed to the quality of the educational system in the country, but it’s also thanks to parents who know how to nurture their child’s Math skills.

If you want to make sure your child remains competent in this subject, here are the top considerations when choosing a Math school for your little mathematician. 

Check if they use the Singapore Math Method 

The Singapore Math Method teaches kids not only to get an answer but to learn the logic and process in order to get to the answer. It’s not about acing a test but mastering problem solving and learning in depth. This method also utilises concrete objects to introduce concepts to kids rather than going straight into teaching equations, which they probably have not encountered before.

The school offers a warm and welcoming environment

Math is one of the hardest subjects that children have to learn, so it’s important to enrol them in a school that fosters a fun and welcoming environment. This can be achieved through extra-curricular activities that can relieve them of the pressure brought by studying, or by establishing a culture of open communication between instructors and students. 

It has development programmes aside from the lessons inside the classroom

Your child’s growth in the subject is not only determined by what’s taught within the four corners of the classroom. Ask the school if they have development programmes children can apply to (especially if they’re in high school) to give them more exposure and opportunities to hone their Math skills. These can be in the form of competitions, mentorships, or even overseas exchange programmes.

Ask about the classroom setup

While some schools offer traditional methods of teaching, other more advanced schools foster an interactive and collaborative learning environment inside the classroom. Some important questions to ask are:

  • What is the student-teacher ratio per class?
  • What learning equipment and paraphernalia are available to aid in students’ learning?
  • What is the teaching strategy? Are teachers encouraged to be facilitators and not just instructors?

Research thoroughly about the school’s reputation 

You wouldn’t want to enroll your child in a school with no strong track record when it comes to teaching Math. You can research about a Math school’s reputation by checking how well they perform in national exams, breadth of the competitions they join and their achievements, as well as success stories of their past students.

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