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Having a baby is certainly a joyous occasion. Your partner and yourself will be embarking in a new chapter of your lives, isn’t that exciting? Although having a positive mindset during your pregnancy is key, one would still have to face the cost of having a baby sooner or later. So to prepare yourselves, here’s what we found out about the cost of having a baby in Singapore.


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#1 The Essentials

If you are a mother-to-be, make sure you’ve done your shopping before the baby arrives. This includes getting the necessary items such as the pram, cot, and clothes for both your baby and yourself. The following is a list of items that you will need and the estimated cost: Baby Cot $250 Diapers (Buy In Bulk) $110 Baby Wipes (Buy In Bulk) $30 Changing Table $60 Stroller $300 (We love Mothercare‘s wide range!) Breast Pump $100 – 500 Baby Detergent (per 2 litres) $20 Baby Bottle & Bottle Steriliser $200 Save yourself carrying bulky items from your major shopping spree by getting them done at Redmart. With a wide range of products such as baby wipes, baby formulas and a variety of feeding and nursery products, you will be able to find the one that you need in no time! Don’t forget to check out the mother and childcare products available at Philips such as the Philips Avent Comfort Double electric breast pump and the Philips Avent 4-in-1 electric steam steriliser. TIP: Trying to stick to a tight budget? Ask for hand-me-downs for both maternity clothes and your child’s clothes. Not only would you save a little, you will be an eco-friendly mama!


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#2 Prenatal Care

Keeping an eye on your little sprout while he’s growing in your tummy day by day is important too, hence the existence of prenatal care packages, which includes countless doctor consultations, scans, blood tests and vitamins. There are prenatal care packages offered at both public and private hospitals however they can vary in terms of coverage and cost. Public Hospital Prenatal Care Package: $770 – $900 Private Hospital: Consultation: $120 – 130 Scan: $120 Blood Test: $140


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#3 Delivery

What could be more nerve wrecking than welcoming your baby to the world? Here’s the average delivery cost for C-Section and normal vaginal birth in Singapore (Information last updated on 1 Feb 2016): Delivery cost for normal vaginal birth Public Hospital / Ward B1 Average Length Of Stay: 2.0 days Average Bill Size: $3,014 – $4,147 Private Hospital / 4-Bedded Average Length Of Stay: 2.1 days Average Bill Size: $4,559 – $6,077 Delivery cost for C-Section Public Hospital / Ward B1 Average Length Of Stay: 3.1 days Average Bill Size: $5,903 – $7,235 Private Hospital / 4-Bedded Average Length Of Stay: 3.0 days Average Bill Size: $7,592 – $9,733

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#4 Childbirth Education

Childbirth can be daunting at times but with a little studying and prepping before the big day, it can be a less bumpy ride for you. There are childbirth education offered in both public and private hospitals. The cost for these classes at public hospital range from $150 – $230 and $260 – $400 at private hospitals.

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#5 Confinement & Postnatal Care

Confinement and postnatal care would come naturally after the birth of your angel. The following is the estimated cost for confinement and postnatal care respectively. Confinement Live in: $2,080 – $2,800 Day: $2,200 – $2,500 Although it is a known fact that having a child in Singapore is pretty costly, there are aids such as the Baby Bonus Scheme and healthcare insurance that can make your parenting journey an easier one. In fact, the Baby Bonus Scheme is designed to lessen the financial load for raising a child. It comprises a cash gift and a special co-savings scheme for children, the Child Development Account (CDA); And as of 2015, an additional amount of $2,000 is added to the existing Baby Bonus Scheme, which means every child born  will now get at least $8,000.


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