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How To Boost Breast Milk Supply

How To Boost Breast Milk Supply

Some mummies fret about insufficient milk supply, but as long as your baby feeds at least 8 times a day, you can put your worries to rest. However if you still find that your supply is not enough, try these few ways to increase lactation.

Sucking Stimulation

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Your breast milk works on a supply and demand concept – the more you nurse, the more milk your body produces. If you find that your newborn is not suckling enough, it could be the external supplements that has reduced the demand for your breast milk. It’s also important to stick to one feeding method, whether it’s the breast or bottle, to avoid nipple confusion. 

Should the milk continue to deplete even with consistent feeds, use breast pumps or hand expression methods to recreate the sucking motion in between nursing.

Eat Healthily and Eat Larger Amounts

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Photo credit: @nobread

Your body demands a restorative and balanced diet to nurse; lots of vitamins are needed to produce nutrient packed breastmilk while replenishing those extra 500 calories burnt through breastfeeding everyday. Load up on cumin, nuts and oats to boost lactation, find out more on the 5 foods you should eat for successful breast feeding here!


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The main component of breast milk is water, 88% to be specific. In addition to the 8 glasses of water a day, drink an extra serving while you feed. Occasionally switch up plain water with coconut juice, almond milk and milk thistle tea to encourage milk production!

Reduce Stress

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Photo credit: www.freepik.com

It’s a whole new world being a mum and you might be feeling overwhelmed. Ask for help with the chores or work and catch a nap with your darling. Take time off for yourself and keep things light and simple if you want to exercise – avoid lifting weights as it may plug the mammary glands.

Don’t hesitate to approach a lactation specialist if the problem persists! 

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