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Are you considering to hire a tutor for your child? Here are our top tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing the right tutor.

You will be amazed at the wonders a great tutor can do for your child’s academic development. Many parents think that the best tutors are those with the highest qualifications. While that may be true, there are more than just certificates that make the ideal tutor to complement your child.

  1. Know Your Child
    Before looking for a tutor, you should first start with your child. Some of the things you need to consider are their ages, learning abilities and learning style.
  2. C is for Commitment
    Determine how much time and money you are willing to invest in the tutor. Most high-qualifying tutors would come with a high fee for their elite education background. Keep in mind that your child’s tutor fees are a monthly financial commitment that can go up to thousands. Ask yourself what is the motive behind hiring a certain tutor?
  3. Option for Options
    Never settle for the first tutor you come across. You have the liberty to choose what is best for you and your child, so look around for the best. Hold a series of interviews with a few potential tutors whom you have
    in mind. It is also good to have your child with you during the interview. You will get to see if they are able to connect, and if your child is comfortable.
  4. Tutor Try Out
    A good tutor can come from any background, but a great tutor is one who complements your child like two peas in a pod. Instead of engaging a completely new tutor, get recommendations from your friends and family members. Also, ask the tutors to bring two other references of their own – ensure that one of them actually achieved better results. Request to sit in and observe a one-on-one trial lesson with your child. You will know you have found “The One” if they can educate as greatly as they can connect with your child.

What are your top considerations when choosing a tuition teacher? Tell us in the comments below.