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School may be the main place for learning, but it’s equally important for children to have a place at home to hunker down, study and reinforce their skills. Whether it’s sprucing up a small space or reinventing a well-used room, here are some tips you’ll need to create a conducive yet fun learning environment for your child.

#1 Decide on the location

Photos: Pinterest

Photos: Pinterest

The ideal learning space shifts as your child grows up. Younger children require more supervision, so easily keep an eye on your tot by situating his space in a corner of the living room or other common areas where there’ll be an adult present. It would be ideal for older kids to have their own study room, but if you’re faced with space constraints, seek out the quietest spot in your home to reduce the distractions your child will inevitably face.

Décor tip: Floating shelves can double up as sturdy long desks, and are a great way to create a study area without taking up much space.

#2 Create an inviting, well-lit space

Setting up camp near a window or a door to get as much natural lighting as possible does more than maintain your child’s good eye health. An open and well-lit study space helps to liven the area up – fix up a desk lamp or overhead light to keep the area bright during evenings.

#3 Constantly de-clutter

A messy desk and cluttered room isn’t conducive for learning at all. Apart from installing plenty of storage space for your kid’s toys, books, stationary and other knickknacks, get your child to take responsibility of that space by clearing up after himself.

#4 Make it their own

Photos: Pinterest

Photos: Pinterest

Whether it’s pasting cute decals of their favourite superhero character, hanging up a customised name board, or decorating it with their own art work, personalising your child’s learning area will go a long way to help him feel more interested and engaged with the space. It doesn’t matter if all your child has is a tiny nook with a small desk!

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