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How To Feed a Fussy Eater

Most of the time, parents will meet with obstacles during your child’s growing process. One of the everyday issues we may face is having a child who is a fussy eater, so we’ve listed a few ways for you to encourage their appetite.

1. Offer variety
Offering a variety of foods will discourage your child from forming strong opinions about a certain food. Conversely, feeding the same type of food to your child may cause them to like it so much that they refuse to eat anything else or they become bored of the repetition, so change things up! An additional tip would be to prepare food in fun and interesting ways to appeal to your kids and discourage fussiness.

2. Make mealtime a routine
While it’s good to serve up a variety of foods during mealtime, changing up the mealtime routine is a big no-no as it may disrupt your tot’s appetite which may result in a loss of appetite during mealtime – cue fussiness. Instead, opt for regular mealtimes so that your child can build up a sufficient appetite to eat when mealtime is here.

3. Get the kids involved
Let your children join you while you are preparing food or buying groceries. Doing so helps them to feel in control and serves as an encouragement to try out the foods they’ve helped prepare. Let your kids do easy and safe chores such as washing the vegetables or have control over the types of new foods they would like to try so they feel that they have a stake in preparing their meal.

4. Keep trying 
Don’t be discouraged if your child does not like a certain food. Chances are, they may not like the way it’s been prepared so try prepping the same food in different ways to see which would appeal to your child best. In addition, you can try changing up the food presentation. Chances are, your child is more willing to try foods that appeal to them visually.

5. Be a role model
Being the main caregiver of your child means that your little one will take after your habits and behaviour – good or bad. Those same eating habits will influence what your child eats when he or she grows up. Hence, parents should lead by example with good eating habits. Additionally, eating new foods or foods that your child is averse to will help to show them that trying out such foods is safe and tasty!

Do you have tips on how to get a fussy child to eat? Let us know in the comments below!

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