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Many a toddler has been known to detest haircuts. For some reason, having those shiny scissors coming within their radius is enough to trigger huge meltdowns. Which can be frustrating considering getting your hair done at the salon is a total luxury (to us adults anyway).

So what can be done for kiddos who won’t sit still for a haircut? Ahead, we share six useful tips to keep your child calm during their next trip to the salon.

#1 Give your child a heads-up

Strong smells, loud sounds and strange objects – it’s not hard to imagine why a salon can seem frightening to young children. In the days leading up to the appointment, prepare your child by describing what he or she can expect during the visit. For example, the nice chair and fun cape your child will get to wear, the nice hairstylist who will use a cool snippy tool to trim their tresses, and the relaxing hair wash they will receive after. Knowing what to expect will better prepare your child and reduce any anxiety they may be feeling.  

#2 Give your child some control

Another good way to help your child feel comfortable enough to get their hair cut is to give them some control over the situation. For example, you could let your little one pick their hairstylist or haircut (follow up with “You have to sit still if not your big boy hair cut will turn out crooked!”).

#3 Go to kid-friendly salons

Random salons won’t cut it (no pun intended) for kids who don’t like getting haircuts. Heading to kid-friendly salons offers not just the benefit of experienced hairstylists who are used to working with kids, but also entertainment options to help distract your little tyke. Here’s a list of salons to consider.

#4 Pick a good time

The chances of having a successful salon experience will increase if the visit happens at a timing that’s best for your child. Consider booking an appointment at a time where your child will be well-rested, fed and less likely to fuss.

#5 Focus on having a positive experience

Instead of insisting on the perfect haircut, focus on giving your child a good experience at the salon. It doesn’t matter if your little one’s hair looks a little choppy if it means that they will be willing to return the next time round right?

#6 Heap on lots of praise

New experiences can be scary, so No matter what results came from your child’s session at the salon, make sure to acknowledge their effort and dish out praise for a job well done.

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