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The joy of having given birth outweighs the sacrifice every new mum has to endure. Seeing your baby for the first time seems to take away the hours of agony you’ve had to experience during labour. But sometimes, a mum’s struggle doesn’t end there. Most mums have postpartum woes and often, they don’t feel comfortable with their postpartum body. It feels new and awkward to them as if they’ve totally changed.

It can be challenging to beat the negative feelings you feel about your postpartum body but there are some ways for you to start embracing it. Just remember, how your body looks doesn’t define your journey as a mother. 

#1 Be kind to yourself 

Every time you find yourself sulking about your postpartum body, remember this: those battle scars gave birth to a beautiful child and every new mum goes through the same thing you’re going through. Some may be quicker to bounce back, but they still experienced changes in their body too. Don’t believe everything you see online and just focus on your new role: a mum to your newborn. 

#2 Don’t hold back on self-care

You may be busy breastfeeding your newborn or you’re probably struggling with sleep after giving birth. But it shouldn’t be an excuse for you to neglect yourself. Take some time off for yourself every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 minutes or one hour—do at least one self-care activity, be that a postpartum yoga class, a spa treat, or light exercises. Anything that makes you love yourself even more will help your body bounce back. 

#3 Eat well and get as much rest

Part of taking care of yourself is looking after the food you eat. Opt for healthier food that will give your body its much-needed nutrients and will help you control your diet too. Getting some rest should not be a luxury for new mums—even with everything your newborn demands. You need rest not only to be able to take care of the baby, but also to maintain a healthy state of mind. Without rest, you’ll be sluggish and won’t be in the mood to perform your task as a new mother. 

#4 Do whatever makes you feel good

Your postpartum body weight may be hard to get rid of, but there’s so much more to you than that. You can visit a salon to have a new ‘do or you can book a facial session. Will makeup make you feel more beautiful too? Treat yourself to some of the best makeup brands and play around it. The bottomline is: feeling good about yourself starts with doing the things that make you feel good. 

#5 Get professional help 

Most photos of women with gorgeous postpartum bodies you see online are photos of celebrities who’ve had all the help they can get to have their old body back. You can seek professional help to guide you through the process of getting your body before giving birth. You may enroll in a gym class and work closely with a gym instructor or have a nutritionist take care of your diet after pregnancy. Just remember though that the extra expenses you shell out for this will have to be worth it so ensure that you have the right mindset when recovering.

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