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Reading may seem like a simple feat to us, but not every child is born with a passion to read. In today’s educational system, reading is an essential part of our children’s learning journey – it is also hard to understand other subjects without a good command of the English language. Comprehension and effective communication needs to be taught from a young age in order to cultivate the good habit in them. With these tips in hand, soon you’ll see that kids can find reading fun and will grow a love for it in time!

  1. Lead by example
    With today’s convenience of reading our news on Facebook and other social media sites, it’s common that we get distracted by other things on our phone easily. If you are often found picking up the newspaper or reading a book, the kids will start to pick up newspapers, books or magazine to read too. Make sure that these are readily available around the house!
  2. Develop your child’s initiative to speak
    If your child does not attempt to read on their own, read to them instead. Ask them questions about what you are reading along the way, like their reaction to the storyline. By encouraging them to speak more and become curious about what happens in books, they will want to learn to read more themselves.
  3. Encourage reading in everyday situations
    Ask your child to read street signs, advertisements, instruction manuals and all kinds of practical information you come across together.
  4. Download books & install apps that encourage reading
    There are many free e-books and book guide apps that provide you with child-friendly content at the tip of your fingertips, download those that interest your child so that they can practise reading even on the go or while the family is outside.
  5. Let them choose what to read
    Take them out to the library, or browse through titles online together and let your child have the final say in what he or she wants to read. Since they chose it, they have a responsibility of starting on it and eventually finish reading it!
  6. Introduce books with more illustrations first
    Kids will usually pick books by looking at the striking illustrations first, so it’s okay to start them off with books that have more illustrations and lesser words first. After taking that first step, you can slowly introduce them to books with more in-depth storylines.
  7. Can’t think of a good present? Get them a book.
    No matter the occasion, a book is always a great present. Take note of what kinds of books your child likes and get one from those genres, they will be more interested in a genre that they prefer. You could also get them started on a book series, they might even become hooked and refuse to put the book down!

Has your child read today? If not, sit down with them and start on a new book together!

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