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How To Prepare For Newborn Twins

Having twins is double the joy, but also double the cost now that you probably have to buy two of everything. But is it really true that everything has to be bought in twos or is there a way around it? Here is a list of what you should buy doubles of and save on when it comes to both babies:

To Buy For Both Babies

  • Basics: Necessities such as swaddling blankets, diapers, baby wipes, baby carriers and pacifiers are things you will need to get for both babies. 
  • Clothes: From everyday wear of onesies and bodysuits, to pyjamas, socks, bibs and towels – these are personal items that you will need to buy in greater amounts although it is perfectly fine if your babies end up wearing each other’s clothes.
  • Bedtime Items: Each crib fits one baby, so two cribs and their fitted mattresses is an inevitable purchase. You will also need multiple fitted crib sheets and sheet savers that you can lay below the baby when you are changing him/her just in case of any milk spillage or diaper leaks which can save you the trouble of changing the entire bed sheet.
  • Feeding: A twin nursing pillow will aid you in so many ways like easing the feeding process so you can feed your babies more conveniently and it can save you time too. Anything from 16-20 milk bottles in total for twins is also recommended, just in case you misplaced a couple, or if you are too tired to wash them after every feed, you have a few on standby. Buying two portions of infant formula will help you out by saving you extra trips to the supermarket when your schedule is super packed. 
  • On The Road: You will definitely need two baby car seats, and a choice of two strollers or a full-size double stroller. 
  • Safety: Baby monitors, preferably with the video function and two cameras is ideal if it is within your budget. Purchase safety gates that should come with the cribs early for the babies because they will be on the move in no time. 

To Buy One Of Or Skip

  • Basics: You can get away with one huge diaper bag, so long as it can fit the things you need for a day out with the babies.
  • Clothes: Give baby gloves a skip because they outgrow them really fast. You can always buy more baby socks to double up as gloves that will help prevent them from hurting themselves. 
  • Bath Time: When it comes to bathing, there really is no need to buy two of much unless you have found a way for both babies to take a bath at the same time. This means that you can make do with just a single bath tub, one baby nail clipper and a set of the necessities like, shampoo, bath gel, diaper rash cream and baby lotion. 
  • Feeding: Bottle warmers are a complete waste of money because you can always have a makeshift one by filling up a small tub with hot water and placing the bottles inside. You will need a set of electric breast pumps if you are considering to breastfeed so you can store any extra milk and freeze them before the next feed. A food processor is also a good idea for when your babies are ready to be introduced to solids. 
  • Safety: Anything from a thermometer to a first aid kit, these items only require a single purchase of and they can be shared.

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