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Trimming baby’s nails are a necessity, but that doesn’t make it less terrifying, especially for first-time parents. Here are some tips to help clip them off like a pro.

#1 File their nails

For babies under one month, parents can opt to use a soft emery board to gently file away nails. With that being said, this risk-free method might not work well for newborns as their nails could be too soft. And be careful of filing the soft skin under baby’s nail beds while doing so.

#2 Use baby-safe clippers

The approach of clipping baby’s nails are similar to how you would clip your own. But to prevent clipping too close to the nail bed, gently push back the fingertip from the nail and take short little clips above the white nail line.

#3 Choose the right time

Clipping baby’s nails while he is sleeping helps to ensure that he won’t wriggle and squirm. Do keep a firm grip on baby’s hand or foot while doing so in case baby starts waking up midway.

#4 Be firm

If you’re choosing to clip baby’s nails while he is awake, make sure that he is as relaxed as possible to prevent him from clenching his fists (as babies tend to do when they’re on alert). Also, choose timings where your baby will be more relaxed, such as after a bath or after feeding. Don’t worry about having to take breaks in-between—slow and steady wins the race!

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