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If your New Year’s resolution was to spend more meaningful time with the family and prioritise rest and self-care, then this guide to every long weekend in 2019 will definitely help further your goal. From four-day weekends to a whopping 12 days off work, all it takes to maximise the public holidays this year is a little clever scheduling and a few days of annual leave!

#1 CNY Long Weekend (5 to 6 February)

Enjoy a five-day weekend leading up to Chinese New Year by taking leave on 4 February. You’ll return back to work on 7 February.

#2 Good Friday Weekend (19 April)

A four-day weekend is up for grabs if you take leave on either 18 April (Thursday) or 22 April (Monday).

#3 Labour Day Weekend (1 May)

To score a five-day weekend, you’ll have to utilise two days of leave either from 29 to 30 April (Monday and Tuesday) and return to work on 2 May after Labour day, or from 2 to 3 May (Thursday and Friday) onwards.

#4 Vesak Day Weekend (19 May)

Vesak Day falls on a Sunday this year, so off-in-lieu will typically be taken on the following Monday (20 May). In this case, take a day off on 21 May (Tuesday) for a full four-day weekend.

#5 Hari Raya Puasa Weekend (5 June)

The school holidays will have begun, so carve out more time for the kiddos by taking leave on 6 and 7 June (Thursday and Friday). You’ll have a whopping five-day weekend!

#6 National Day and Hari Raya Haji Weekend (9 and 11 August)

It’s a double-combo holiday weekend that sees an off in lieu on Monday (12 August) as Hari Raya Haji also falls on a Sunday this year. No official action on your part is required, but you could extend your four-day weekend by taking an extra day off on 8 or 13 August.

#7 Deepavali Weekend (27 October)

The last holiday to fall on a Sunday, you can take Friday (25 October) or the following Tuesday (29 October) off for a four-day weekend.

#8 Christmas and New Year’s Weekend (25 December and 1 January 2020)

You’ll need six days of leave in order to score close to two weeks off work. Beginning from the weekend of 21 December, apply for time off on 23 to 24 December, 26 to 27 December, and 30 to 31 December. If you have to clear leave by the end of the year, these are the dates you should aim for.

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