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Huat Into The Lunar New Year With These Yummy Yu Sheng Sets!

Every Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner kicks off with the tossing of the prosperous Yu Sheng. With new quirky renditions of the traditional Yu Sheng out in the market, it’s hard to know which to pick. So we’ve collated a list of the best Yu Shengs in town. From traditional to vegetarian or even fruity, we’ve covered it all! Read on for more.

Ding Tai Fung: Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng

Usher in the Lunar New Year with the classic Din Tai Fung Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng ($32.80 for Standard, $48.80 for Deluxe). Amazingly refreshing, wonderfully crunchy and incredibly flavourful, the delectable dish is luxuriously topped with Norwegian smoked salmon and drizzled with mouth-watering sweet and tangy plum sauce.

Not a fan of smoked salmon? The delightful Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng ($26.80 for Standard, $39.80 for Deluxe) offers the classic Din Tai Fung Yu Sheng without Smoked Salmon. You may even choose to top-up crispy Fried Salmon Skin ($4.80), crunchy Pine Nuts ($2.80), Crispy Yam Strips ($3.80), succulent Smoked Salmon ($9.80 / 6 slices) or Premium Smoked Unagi ($9.80) for an added kick!

Royal Plaza on Scotts Carousel: Rhapsody of Pineapple Yu Sheng

Switch things up this Chinese New Year with the Rhapsody of Pineapple Yu Sheng ($158 for small, $188 for large) that’s just bursting with flavour! Besides the crispy dehydrated pineapple rings, the yummy Yusheng is made up of fresh natural ingredients such as hydroponic salad, pickled purple cabbage, shredded green papaya, sweet pomelo and juicy mango.

Other special ingredients such as freshly-marinated mentaiko salmon cubes, fresh young coconut, passion mango jelly, potato strips and yam strips, are used to create this unique Yusheng as well. Topped with fragrant garlic oil and a zesty blend of tropical pineapple sauce infused with ginger lily, the Rhapsody of Pineapple Yu Sheng will satiate your taste buds this new year!

Kuro Maguro and Maguro Donya: Otoro Yu Sheng

Maguro lovers rejoice! Savour the umami goodness of the Otoro Yu Sheng ($68) this Lunar New Year. The yummy Yu Sheng boasts four different types of fresh sashimi — prized Otoro, succulent Salmon, tender Akami and buttery Hamachi. The melt-in-your-mouth sashimi slices are delicately perched atop essential lo-hei ingredients and topped with a delightful homemade Japanese plum sauce.

Greendot: Vegetarian Yu Sheng

Toss to fortune, abundance and health with Greendot’s Vegetarian Yu Sheng ($28)! Made with konnyaku salmon slices (that replicates the look, texture and taste of real salmon), tasty soy bak kwa and juicy pomelo, this tasty and healthy Yu Sheng is sure to be a hit at your CNY reunion dinner this year.

SENS: Fruity Yu Sheng

Bring a unique Yu Sheng to the table this Chinese New Year with the refreshing Healthy Salmon and Fruit Yu Sheng (S$48, small) which features up to 12 different types of fruits that complement the thick, succulent slices of salmon sashimi and delightful plum sauce. Delicious add-ons such as Salmon ($8), Sword Fish ($10), Hamachi ($10), Ama Ebi ($12) and Hokkaido Scallops ($10) are available as well. So get creative and wow your loved ones with this cool Yu Sheng this CNY!

Swensen’s Fortune 18 Yu Sheng

Relish the refreshing Fortune 18 Yu Sheng ($23.90 for dine-in, $36.90 for takeaway) this Chinese New Year. With 18 auspicious ingredients such as juicy pomelo, preserved white and brown melon, fragrant shimeji mushrooms, crispy wonton skin, crunchy golden crackers, delectable sweet and sour plum sauce and succulent slices of smoked salmon, this Halal-Certified Yu Sheng is the perfect way to start the new year!

Ryan’s Grocery: Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng

Delight your loved ones this festive season with the nutritious Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng ($98, serves 10-12 people) this Lunar New Year! The colourful, fresh and organic Yusheng adopts the Rainbow Diet principles of Red, Orange, Green. Blue, Purple, Indigo and White, providing the optimal vitamins and phytonutrients in one’s diet and promoting a strong immune system. With organic ingredients like green radish, beetroot, coriander leaf, carrot, daikon, kaffir lemon leaves, coral seaweed, cashew nuts, almond nuts, dried mandarin orange and plum sauce, the Yusheng is rich in antioxidants and perfect for the whole family.

IKEA: ASC-Certified Salmon Yu Sheng Set

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with IKEA’s environmentally-friendly and wonderfully delicious ASC-Certified Salmon Yu Sheng ($13.80), available at the IKEA Swedish Food Market from 1 February to 2 March.