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Introducing Solids To Your Baby Soon? Here Are Your Feeding Essentials

Finally, your little one’s showing signs he’s ready to start eating solid food! Exciting times ahead. Don’t spoil this milestone by not being prepared. As your baby starts to show signs of development, you also have to make sure you’re equipped with the tools you need to make this experience less messy. 

Here are some feeding essentials you’ll need when your baby is ready for solids.

#1 Blender or food processor

Now is the time you can experiment on creating baby food. To start off, you might want to introduce your baby to pureed food. This includes various types of fruits, vegetables, and ground cereal pureed and mixed together through a blender or food processor. With this appliance, you can easily mix and match baby’s food—without having to worry if he’d hate a particular ingredient because he will barely notice at all.

#2 Bowl and plate

Don’t just look for bowls and plates with nice, cute designs that will get your baby’s attention (although that sometimes works if he doesn’t want to eat). Look for bowls and plates that are sturdy enough and won’t easily spill food. You can also look for plates with divisions so you can separate certain types of food from another. As much as possible, opt for eco-friendly products.

#3 A high or booster chair 

At this time, your child can neither sit nor stand on his own yet so eating may be a little challenging. Get him a high chair if he’s able to sit without assistance already. Ensure that the high chair is both safe and comfortable for your baby to munch on food. A booster seat, on the other hand, is perfect for babies who are still having a hard time being on a sitting position.

#4 Bib

Minimise the mess whenever your baby eats by wrapping either a cloth or a waterproof bib around her neck. Ideally, go for bibs with adjustable straps so you can still use them as your child grows. There are also bibs designed with spill pockets to catch food that escapes your baby’s mouth.

#5 Baby spoon

The best baby spoons have silicon heads that help infants ease in to the feel of having utensils inside their mouths. Some spoons are also designed with your little one’s hand in mind as babies often demand to hold the spoon themselves. In this case, provide them with an extra spoon they can play with while you do the job of feeding them.

#6 Sippy cups

With the mastery of eating solids comes the mastery of drinking from a cup. Contrary to some beliefs, a sippy cup is still a good start for tots to drink as they transition from drinking from bottles. Choose sippies with easy-grip handles, a valve that can control liquid flow, and a soft spout. Make sure that it’s also BPA-free so you’re assured of your baby’s safety from harmful chemicals.

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