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Introducing Touché, An Upcoming Feature of the POSB Smart Buddy Programme

Photo credit: Coolpay

Soon, students will not have to carry anything, not even wearable devices or mobile phones because they can simply pay with their fingerprints!

The world’s first biometric-based solution provider Coolpay has partnered with POSB,NETS, STYL and 3Radical as part of the POSB Smart Buddy programme to demonstrate a fully biometric system for payments in local schools. The commercial biometric loyalty and payment solution known as Touché, has been customised for the school environment. It eliminates the need for cash, cards, wearables, vouchers or smart wallets by allowing payment through just two fingers.

When implemented, the students only need to register their two fingers once on the device and link it through the POSB Smart Buddy programme to their parents’ account. The students could then pay using their two fingers at any Touché device in the school. With existing features of the POSB Smart Buddy programme, parents can supervise their children’s spending, the items they buy and set limits on their daily expenditures.

Made in Singapore, the hardware of Touché is an elegant rectangular device that is certified with one the highest resolution biometric sensor in the market to detect two fingers for efficient payment. The biometric sensors that are used on the device are FBI Certified. These read up to 45 unique points from each finger, and two fingers are needed for the biometric identification and authentication. The fingerprint images are never stored on the device where the unique points are hashed and encrypted before being sent to a secure cloud database. This facilitates highly accurate matching with false positives at the rate of less than one-in-a-trillion. Touché also utilises anti-spoofing technology that ensures the fingerprints used are real and that the person is indeed present.

Said Mr. Sahba Saint-Claire, CEO of Coolpay, “At Touché, we are incredibly proud of our “Made in Singapore” stamp; and hence, it is just fitting that we have an opportunity to bring the convenience of biometric payments to our Singaporean school kids as early as Q1 2018.”

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