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Invest In Your Child’s Math Skills Early With The eiMaths Programme

Math can be a nightmare for children, but does it have to be? You can get them to like numbers while they are very young—even while they are in lower primary school and kindergarten—through fun and creative ways!

Start this early by enrolling your child to eiMaths. The programme is facilitated by dedicated educators with over 10 years of experience, making them the best partners in unleashing your kid’s potential in Math. Children enrolled in the programme are provided with an enjoyable learning process that allows them to discover facts, solve problems, think independently, and engage actively through activities suitable to your child’s needs.

By encouraging children to participate actively, eiMaths gives them numerous opportunities to ask questions, self-reflect, and satisfy their curiosity. Gone are the days when Math textbooks tell them what to do, as eiMaths uses creative and heuristic teaching methods regardless of the age and the stage your child is in.

Age-appropriate methods

Worried if your child is coping well during lesson time? eiMaths performs Diagnostic Test during enrollment to ensure that students are working on age-appropriate materials to bridge learning gap in Mathematics. eiMaths grooms your child to become not just a math whiz, but a creative and innovative individual through age-appropriate activities.


For example, workbooks for K1 to P3 students teach them skills by featuring fun-filled activities and games focusing on visualisation, numerical calculation, life application, logical reasoning, and combination thinking. Concrete objects, learning materials, and creative tools are utilised for each session.

As they advance to P4 to P6, eiMaths educators facilitate a step-by-step teaching approach to help kids cope with the increasing difficulty on the subject while still inspiring them to reach their full potential.

So whether you want to start building your child’s foundation on Math early or you simply just want him or her to excel regardless of age, it is always best to find a partner that knows the value of creative and innovative learning. 

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