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Do you have a child who’s about to take the Primary School Leaving Examination or PSLE? Are you worried the stress is affecting his preparation? Many kids dread the idea of having to go through the process of gearing up and taking such an important examination, and parents are just as anxious. After all, passing the PSLE is vital for kids to move on to secondary school.

Fret not. PSLE, just like other examinations, can be dealt with easy, simple preparation tips. As long as you provide your child with the support he needs, there’s nothing to worry about.  

Set a study plan—and tailor fit it with your child’s skills

PSLE is crucial not only in determining the best choice for your child’s secondary school education, but also his strengths and skills. To begin with your preparation, create a study plan and be sure to stick with it. Think of it as the goal that your child needs to achieve. For example, set a weekly study goal and regular study schedules. Look for tools, such as flowcharts and revision guides, to make the process easier. 

Do not add into the pressure 

As it is, your child must already feel pressured. The last thing he’d want is his parents nagging him to study for PSLE. Still, make your presence felt and provide him with encouraging gestures. More importantly, let your child live a balanced life despite the looming exam. Let him go outside and spend time with friends or allow him to take a break when he has to. You wouldn’t want him to feel burned out and discouraged before his examinations. Just make sure he’s fully focused and ready when it’s study time. 

Encourage open communication

Your child needs to know that you’re there whenever he needs you and that he can come to you for help. Talk to your child about your expectations and the support you can give as well. Avoid being pushy at this time. Instead, act like a friend by telling your child that whatever happens, he shouldn’t be discouraged. Some parents tend to compare their kids with others—don’t do this. While some kids tend to be more competitive, others have a tendency to feel less confident in achieving a goal when they’re being compared with peers or siblings.

Take time to practice 

Aside from modules and revision plans, it would be worth your child’s time to work on practice questions. Create questions that could be asked during PSLE and subject your child to a mock test. You can even create a mock examination paper and simulate the exam day. This will help reduce your child’s pre-exam jitters by anticipating questions and knowing what to do on the actual day. 

Talk about your child’s goals

What’s really important is for your child to understand what PSLE is about in the first place: his future. Set aside a time to discuss this with your child. Let him know that studying for PSLE isn’t about proving how good he is right now; instead, it’s about preparing for his future and working towards his dream. Does he want to be a scientist? Now is the time to show off his intelligence in Science. It would be less stressful and more inspiring if your child knows that he’s studying for a bigger goal, not only to pass an exam.

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