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There are plenty of life skills children have to learn as they grow up, like tying your shoelaces or learning how to swim. But being born and raised in the digital generation, it seems like learning how to tell time on an analogue clock isn’t one of them.

As a hilarious skit on Jimmy Kimmel recently explored, it seems like the young ‘uns of today are so used to reading time on digital clocks (like on their smart phones), that most of them aren’t able to tell the time when presented with a traditional clock.

“The home of Big Ben is where this started. Schools in England are removing analogue clocks form classroom because the kids can’t tell time anymore.” Jimmy continues, “They only understand digital clocks because they all have phones. Which is shocking because I have a feeling we might have the same problem here.”

He then proceeds to prove his theory by dispatching his team to the streets of Hollywood to ask kid after kid about what the big hand and little hand said – where they tried and failed miserably. Out of the 15 kids who appeared on the clip, 10 tried their hand at guessing, and mostly failed miserably.

But only one succeeded!

While Jimmy Kimmel’s experiment isn’t a definitive study on the younger generation’s ability to tell time via the traditional clock face, this video certainly hints of its extent. Do your kids know how to tell the time?

Watch the video here:

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