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Living in a fast-paced world such as Singapore, balancing between being a working adult and caring for a child can be physically and emotionally taxing on most parents. Fret not though, if you’re feeling burnt out, for we’ve compiled a list of 5 natural energy boosters that will help you tackle kids, work and everything else in between. 

Soak Up Some Sun

Ever noticed that you feel more energised when you head outdoors to soak up some sun after being cooped up indoors? Well, that’s because studies have shown that just being under the daytime sunshine for 15-20 minutes can increase your energy and elevate your mood! Not able to head outdoors for a quick break? Simply just leaving the windows open for the sun rays to penetrate through. It’s a quick (and great) way to pep-up without the need for a caffeinated drink. 

Touch Your Thymus

What’s a thymus, you might ask? It’s the area that’s located at the center top of your chest, below the collar bone, between your breasts. Studies have found that tapping on it will trigger the production and stimulate the release of T-cells, resulting in a boost of energy, increased focused and awareness, as well as help to relieve stress. 

Do Some Stretches

Any sort of stretching exercise is good enough to help release the tension found throughout your body, but studies have shown that bending over to touch your toes is particularly useful as it helps to stretch out your back and increase the blood flow to your head, in turn helping to energise and revitalise you. And while a morning run or walk around your neighbourhood is a good way to get that extra boost to help start your day, it’s also important to keep moving throughout the day, and that’s where the stretches come in. 

Take A Power Break

if you’re in need of a power nap but can’t afford to indulge in one, then look at getting short 5-minute breaks instead. Place your kids in a safe location within the house and find some place nearby (preferably within hearing distance) where you can lie down and get comfortable. For the duration of the 5 minutes, keep your eyes closed and breathe slowly and deeply, effectively clearing your mind from the stresses of before.  

Snack Wisely

Be honest, how often do you find yourself snacking on potato chips or on a chocolate bar? While snacking is a perfectly normal activity that most of us do, what we may not notice is that the type of foods we snack on have an impact on our energy levels. So the next time you find yourself itching for some munchies, opt for healthier options like fruits or a yoghurt instead of these empty calorie snacks – you’ll notice an increased boost of energy after indulging in healthy treats. 

Need more energy? Check out these supplements for that instant boost!

dr. MCT 100% MCT Oil And MCT Powder

dr mct

Naturally derived from coconut and palm, dr. MCT aims to help users function more energetically and effectively day after day with an almost instantaneous boost of energy. The supplement also offers users better mental clarity, perfect for multi-tasking adults and worn-out parents. Odourless and unflavoured, both the oil and powder formulations can either be consumed on its own (best in the morning for maximum effect in powering up the body for the day ahead) or easily incorporated into sweet or savoury dishes (think stews, soups, curries or porridge) and even stirred into your daily coffee or tea. 

dr. MCT products are available for purchase via and at authorised health food stores.

Eu Yan Sang American Wild Ginseng Powder

eu yan sang american wild ginseng powder

Appreciated for its cooling but revitalising properties, American Ginseng helps to reduce heatiness, quenches thirst and restores energy levels. Especially helpful to those who lead an active lifestyle and are prone to extensive multi-tasking, taking American Ginseng on a regular basis will help to harmonise the body system and maintain good health.

Eu Yan Sang products are available for purchase via and at Eu Yan Sang stores islandwide.

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