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Kickstart Your Child's Mandarin Learning Journey At Edugem

The Chinese language is one of the world’s most popular languages, with over one billion speakers all over the world. As such, equipping your child with good spoken and written Chinese language skills will equip them with more advantages than just scoring good grades in school, not to mention boosting your child’s future career prospects in the world’s second largest economy.

It can be a struggle for parents to get their kids, who are raised in a mostly English-speaking society to learn the language. The key? Helping your little one cultivate a love for the Chinese language. Enter Edugem.


Armed with the mission to nurture a child’s potential for learning Chinese through fun and interactive activities, Edugem focuses beyond academic results. They believe that education is a life long learning process, and aspire to instil in each child a curiosity and passion for learning. This approach adheres to their belief that effective learning can take place once a child’s interest is aroused.

Edugem offers an entire suite of age-appropriate programmes from nursery and preschool levels, all the way to Primary 6. And the enrichment centre also offers fun holiday programmes where children can immerse themselves in experiential learning without the stressors of school.

For Lower Primary Levels 1 to 2

Edugem’s Essentials Programmes feature intensive small group coaching that is aligned closely to the MOE school syllabus. The course helps Primary 1 and 2 students gradually bridge the gap between what’s taught in school, and what they learned previously in pre-school Chinese Learning in a non-stressful way. The comprehensive programme offers Primary 2 students a way to transition confidently to more challenging Mandarin levels in Primary 3.

Adding on, Edugem offers Creative Writing through Picture Books, which focuses on using attractive visuals in storybooks to kickstart competency in composition skills as they move through primary school.

For Upper Primary Levels 3 to 6

In levels primary 3 and beyond, Essential Programmes serve to complement and reinforce the school syllabus using fun and interactive teaching methods that improves students’ knowledge retainment.

For parents looking to further enhance their child’s Chinese language skills, consider the Step-Up Programme, which focuses on students’ oral, composition and comprehension skills. To improve the aforementioned areas, Edugem uses a wide variety of materials, such as videos to conduct oral and composition writing and storybooks to reinforce comprehension and composition techniques.

Programmes For Nursery Level and Preschoolers


Giving little ones a head start in their Chinese literacy journey, the experts at Edugem curated the Young Readers Project Series, one and a half hour long sessions where children’s word understanding and vocabulary are enhanced with activities built around visually appealing storybooks. Each session comprises storytelling, music movement activities, and specially-designed hands on activities such as games, arts and craft, puzzles and Speech and Drama so the young learners can familiarise themselves with the language in an enjoyable way.

Holiday Programmes


For parents looking to immerse their child in various Chinese language-centric workshops and courses, Edugem offers plenty of specially curated holiday programmes where kids can play and learn at the same time.

These programmes cover a wide range of aspects too. From special holiday-themed activities such as terrarium making, to cultural appreciation programmes like calligraphy and exploration of traditional festivals, to fun and experimental courses such as Learning Idioms through Comics, there’s something for every little learner! Plus, the centre encourages their students to learn by hosting Show and Tell sessions at the end of each programme, which empowers them to express themselves with confidence, and simultaneously improve their social and oral skills.

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