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Kid-Friendly Meal Prep Recipes For Busy Parents

For busy parents who can’t squeeze out the time to cook every single day, having the option of a healthy dinner without having to tapau, is still on the table. The answer? Meal preps! Ahead, we share triple-threat (yummy, convenient and affordable) dinner prep recipes that the entire family will love.

Meal prepping may seem like an uphill task at first. Not only do you have to plan an entire week’s worth of meals, you’ll have to go grocery shopping and then find the time to start the actual prepping. The secret to successful meal prepping is to find what works for you and keep it manageable – this means not taking on more than you can chew (no pun intended). For this purpose, we’re starting out with solely dinner recipes. But you can definitely branch out once you get the hang of meal prepping.

Like we mentioned earlier, the process of meal prepping can take up a chunk of your time. For that reason, find a day where you can work uninterrupted for a couple of hours – it doesn’t have to be a dull process either (we find meal prepping strangely relaxing).

What you’ll need

  • Ample fridge space
  • Air-tight jars and containers
  • Zip-lock bags

After grocery shopping

  • Wash and prep fresh fruits and veggies by chopping to size and storing in the fridge
  • Prep and cook your meat according to your recipe needs, and store either together in a large container, or divided according to the day it will be used.
  • Cook your rice or pasta and store in containers. Make sure everything is labelled accordingly.

Meal Prep Recipes

Grilled Chicken Veggie Bowls


Credit: Picky Palate

One Pan Thai Coconut Yellow Curry Chicken & Rice


Credits: Ambitious Kitchen


Lemon Roasted Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Broccolini


Credit: Little Spice Jar

One Pan Italian Sausage with Veggies

Credit: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Credit: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

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