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Kids Get Migraine Too—And Other Facts You Need To Know About It

If you think only adults experience migraines, you now know that’s wrong. Kids get headaches too and it may sometimes affect them in ways that could compromise their school work, academic performance, and even social life.

Give children the proper treatment for their migraines so they won’t have to suffer. Get yourself acquainted with the following facts about migraine in kids.

#1 Genes and gender are factors that can cause migraine 

Migraine may be caused by genetic factors. A child whose parents, siblings, or other family members experience migraines have a higher risk of experiencing it too. Gender also has something to do with it: boys and girls are affected equally but when puberty hits, girls are believed to have higher incidences of migraine due to changes in hormone levels. 

#2 Stress can cause it too 

Migraines in kids can be caused by other factors such as emotional stress, diet, hunger, change in their sleeping pattern, and even eye strain. It’s important to monitor these causes closely because most of them can definitely be taken care of.

#3 Most migraines in kids are harmless 

Migraines are no cause for alarm unless they go with other severe symptoms such as vomiting, vision impairment, abdominal pain, change in mood, or muscle weakness. In such cases, a visit to a doctor is necessary. Some tests your doctor might run in order to make a diagnosis include physical and neurological exams, an MRI, and a CT scan. 

#4 Migraines can affect your child’s mood

Like migraines in adults, migraines in kids can be crippling too and can alter their mood. Suffering from migraine may cause your child to be irritable, moody, and weak. Kids may also be at risk of other health problems like anxiety or depression because of the suffering they have to endure or the fear that their migraine will attack any time.

#5 Treatment for kids’ migraine varies 

There is no one formula in treating migraines in kids. Treatment plan varies depending on the frequency and duration of your child’s migraine attacks as well as the impact it has on your little one’s life. Some common treatment methods for it include over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications. Relaxation and cognitive behavioural therapies are also sometimes administered to help manage the stress and anxiety caused by migraine.

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