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Halloween is just round the corner, how will you be celebrating with the family? If you’re running out of ideas on what to dress up as, here’s some halloween costume inspiration for your little ones this year!

Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy


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A retro look dating way back into the 1950s, it is inspired by American actress Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy. Find a loud polka dot dress with lapel collars, tugging nicely on the waist, then throw on a red-hair wig and remember to dab a slight bit of red lipstick. Your little girl is sure to look adorable and stylish this Halloween.

Princess Belle


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Don’t miss out on Princess Belle this year because the fantasy film was definitely a hit. A beautiful yellow off-shoulder dress, paired with a rose headband is a glamourous take on dressing up for the party. The best part? Watch your girl twirl in her dream outfit for the night.



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Okay, okay we get it, there will be too many takes on this character this Halloween. But seriously, a toddler dressed up as Pennywise the clown? It could just be the cutest thing we have seen all night. White face paint with a tinge of red, and a white outfit paired with a red accessory – who would have imagined eeriness and cute could go well together?!



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It is a twin outfit for both you and your little one! It applies to both genders, and the most important details in the outfit include a cape, a loud and bold shirt with your favourite superhero sign and a specific colour theme. You are going to change the world, said Superman.



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People would not be very surprised at your outfit, but people will be surprised if no one turned up as a skeleton that night. It is a mainstream and classic ensemble but it is a necessity every Halloween. Remember to don a matching mask for that extra boo effect!

Pumpkin Pixie

A tulle skirt and a matching orange tube top is so chic! The tube piece makes styling for mama an easy job and you both will look like pumpkin versions of Tinklebell!



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If you ran out of ideas, this is a reminder that you can be your favourite food on this occasion (no boundaries!). Use different colour felt to sew up the packaging of your favourite food and you will surely look just as delicious as the real thing.

Buzz Lightyear


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Baby Buzz Lightyear looks complete with the help of a few key props: A cardboard box big enough to fit your little one (remember to write Andy on it!) and Woody and Lotso on the side. To infinity… and beyond, this Halloween!

Gothic Witch

Goth: mysterious and dark. Channel your child’s inner goth by donning an all-black ensemble, some lace, a dark lip, pale skin and a makeshift broom. Plus, some black never hurt anyone. This can work for both genders too – get your boy to dress up in a dark suit, a dark lip and possibly a mask for that extra oomph of mystery. We think the real fun lies in shooting these levitating shots!



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Unicorn onesies are everything cute and more. Alternatively, if you cannot find a onesie, you can DIY a headband into a unicorn’s horn and put on something pastel and sparkly!

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