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Are you panicking because you feel like you are not fully prepared for the PSLE? Fret not. We’ve got you covered with these last minute tips to help students have a smooth-sailing examinations period.

Draw Up A Plan
Make a note of how many days are left before each exam and divide them according to how much is left to revise for each subject. The day before the English Language examination should be assigned to revise only the English Language, unless you are highly confident of it and need to assign some time to another upcoming subject.

Make Use Of Sticky Notes/Cue Cards
When you have continuous papers to sit through day after day, the best way to help yourself with remembering math formulae and science theories is by breaking them up into separate points and putting them onto sticky notes. Constantly glancing at them will help to remember points better. It would be best if you pen the points down yourself, instead of printing them out or getting help from a parent/tutor. Use different colours for each subject so that confusion between subjects do not occur.

Take Productive Breaks
When you have to compress so much of information into your head, it is likely that your mind will wander off while sitting on one subject. Try getting a parent or study buddy to ask you questions on another subject when you want to take a 5 minute break every hour, and reward yourself with a little nap or perhaps rest your eyes by gazing at greenery if you are able to concentrate and only need a break every two to two and a half hours.

Study Smart
Remember to only study topics that will be tested during the PSLE. If you waste time on topics that have not been mentioned, the over-preparing may even cause you to forget the actual syllabus topics that are tested. Make sure to pay attention, note which topics are tested and direct your full concentration onto those topics.

Practise Past Year Papers
Since it’s already close to the start of the examinations, the Past Year Papers and 10-Year Series questions would have already been covered during school syllabus and remedial classes. However, students should take an extra look at those questions and go through those that had you stumped and practise theories that are constantly tested in the papers.

Get Enough Sleep
With so much of revision to do, it’s common for students to feel like it’s necessary to stay up late in order to feel more prepared. Even if there is not enough time to practise or revise certain topics, it’s important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, especially before each examination day. The lack of sleep will affect alertness during an examination, and probably will cost more marks.

Remember to follow these tips closely and follow the plan without fail to make the limited remaining time before the PSLE as productive as possible!

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