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“Is the purpose of learning to do well in tests?”

Take a moment to reflect on this question. For most parents, investing in their children’s education is a huge undertaking. But even as we seek ways to drive our children to do well in school, it is important for us to take a closer look at how our children are handling life’s bigger tests—ones that test our little ones’ strength in character.

The question above is the essence of The Learning Lab’s latest campaign, Tests.

Through the Tests campaign, The Learning Lab challenges us to look beyond just exams. It aims to connect with parents who have expressed anxiety regarding recent announcements by the Ministry of Education—particularly the changes to national exams, streaming and the removal of exams for key transitional levels in primary and secondary school.

But as the Tests video conveys, there are real-life challenges that our children will have to learn to overcome. Being able to manoeuvre through life’s challenges are just as important as achieving academic success—and it all begins with shaping the right mindsets in our children about learning from failure, overcoming fears, and cultivating a strong self-esteem.


Developing self-esteem and confidence in our little ones is not something that can be achieved immediately. It is a journey they must navigate through with guidance from us.

One way we can build our children’s self-esteem is by encouraging positive self-talk. As parents, we should teach children to be fair and kind to themselves. Making positive self-talk a habit can increase our children’s confidence in tackling tasks and in helping them to fight their inner battles.

When our children are able to find the silver lining in every situation, they will grow to be resilient and eager learners who are open to the result of every experience—regardless of their ability.


Such holistic development is a key part of how The Learning Lab prepares students to take on any challenge—academic or otherwise. For over 18 years, they have placed a strong emphasis on helping students build confidence, resilience, and self-awareness—traits that form the cornerstone of lifelong success.

The Learning Lab is the leading national provider of academic enrichment and tuition services for preschool, primary, secondary, and junior college students in Singapore. It develops and runs quality educational programmes in English, Mathematics, and the Sciences.

As part of its wide range of programmes, The Learning Lab provides students with many opportunities to participate in activities that extend beyond academic subjects. 

Earlier this year, The Learning Lab sent a delegation of students to the Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco where they assumed the role of policy-makers to debate on global issues. During the three-day event, these students worked together as a team and were given ample opportunities to represent their views in simulated discussions and practise essential skills such as public speaking and effective negotiation.

Find out more about The Learning Lab’s programmes here.

The Learning Lab has eight centres across the east, northeast, west, and central regions of Singapore: Tampines Mall, Century Square, Marine Parade Central, Seletar Mall, Rochester Mall, JEM, Choa Chu Kang Centre, and United Square.

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