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Constantly reinventing herself to stay committed to her pursuit of her dream, Y.Y. Low is certainly a powerhouse of transformations – form a full time model in her early 20s under Elite Model Management and modelling for big brands like Vivienne Westwood and Hugo Boss Women, to a health therapist at Health Promotion Board, and now, a Master Practitioner in timeline therapy and hypnotherapy at Healtology which she founded. On top of that, she is also an executive committee member for the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase where her passion for modelling continues to inspire younger generations. 

Let’s find out more about her parenting perspectives and what inspires her to pursue her passion. 

1. When did you kick-start your entrepreneurial journey? 
Starting a business is a dream come true but it is not a walk in the park. I always believe that if you choose to have children, you better be responsible in taking care of them. I committed myself to stay home with them for at least five years of each child. When my girl was eight and when my boy tuned five, I became an entrepreneur. 

2. How was the transition from being a model to a stay-at-home mum and then entrepreneur like?
I faced the world feeling inadequate in many areas, struggled with self-doubt and confidence. But I always tell my children; dream big, never give up, your attitude makes a difference. So, I take one day at a time. Believe all things work together for good. Even setbacks are here to teach me to be more resilient, stronger and wiser. 

3. How do you  juggle multiple roles and where do you get the time?
I just follow my heart and do what I feel and think is right, and I am happy doing it.

4. What are the most trying parenting moments and how do you overcome it?
At different stages of the children’s growth, I have faced different kinds of challenges. However, I have learnt to appreciate each phase of their development and focus on the positives rather than the challenges. With that mindset, I enjoy growing with them. 

5. What has modelling taught you and what message do you have for them?
You define style and fashion, do not let fashion define you! Or others for that matter! I would teach them to be flamboyant and be comfortable with who they are. I want to let them know that I am open, flexible, and will refrain from being judgmental, so that if they have any problems, I will be the first one they come to for advice. 

6. What do you want to teach your children?
Success is a journey, not a destination. I am taking on the journey. Also, love life for the possibilities of what the future can bring. And remember, love is unconditional until we put conditions in it. 

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This article is an extension of an article found in the print edition of Singapore’s Child April Issue 174 with the headline ‘Mummy Extraordinaire’. 

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