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Learning Before Kindergarten: Yoga

Before they enrol into school and their days are filled with lessons, tests, exams and eventually finding a job, you can arm your children with a healthy stress coping mechanism – Yoga.  On top of relaxation techniques and anger management, Yoga helps to build physical strength and train their coordination. 

Inspired Mum Baby 

Learning Before Kingergarten  Inspire Mum Baby Yoga Singapores Child

Image credit: Inspired Mum Baby

This class is a bonding tool that encourages healthy interactions between parent and child. The play to learn approach is not all about challenging yoga poses; the sessions include a series of infant massages and relaxation methods that engage their sense of touch and hearing as well.


Osmantih Learning Before Kingergarten Singapores Child Yoga

Image credit: Osmantih

Swing through the jungle with the monkeys and roar alongside the tigers; the children are taken on an imaginative adventure as they learn various yoga poses. Their classes have produced children boasting of an improve attention span, better control of their emotions and an enhanced immunity.

OMG Yoga

 mother and baby exercise

In a group of 4 or less, you can get a very personalised and refreshing work out for you and your baby. On top of reaping the physical benefits, babies will experience an invigorating effect on their digestive and circulatory system.

Om Shiva Yoga

Om Shiva Yoga Singapores Child Learning Before Kingergarten

Image credit: Om Shiva Yoga

With categories like Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Baby Wearing, Mother and Child and Independent Kids, Om Shiva has a wide range of classes catered to all stages of motherhood.  Their trained teachers bring about dancing and a lot of laughter during the class, you can even join their yoga instructor courses to teach your child by yourself!

What other alternative learning programmes do you sign up the kids for? Let us know in the comments below!

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