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Being a part of a globally connected world has created a platform for people from different walks of life to discover one another’s language and culture. Numerous studies have shown that having the ability to speak a second language helps boost cognitive, memory, and listening skills.

While it is mandatory for children to study their mother tongue when they start attending primary school, it might also be helpful in the long run for them to pick up a third language, especially when it could be an added advantage to get better job opportunities when they are older.

If you are not sure what language options are beneficial for your child, here are four popular languages to consider.

#1 Spanish

In addition to being the second most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish is also a fairly easy language to learn especially when you’re already well-versed in English. Spanish words are mostly pronounced the same way as they are written and verb conjugations are not extremely complex, which makes sentence-forming easier to understand. Because of the popularity of this language, your child will stand a higher chance of getting more job opportunities when he eventually enters the workforce.

Where to start:
Spanish World
180B Bencoolen Street #08-01/02/05, The Bencoolen (Office Tower) Singapore 189648
Tel: 6333 3484
Email: [email protected]

#2 German

As a major international export nation, Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. That being said, picking up German would be an ideal choice for your child. Though the language may sound a little difficult to pick up, it is actually a pretty easy language for children to learn because some words and their origins are similar to the English language. The country is also known to award a generous number of scholarships and other support for foreign students to study in Germany. So if your child has the ability to speak German, he would be able to benefit from this in the future.

Where to start:
Goethe Institut
136 Neil Road Singapure 088865
Tel: 6735 4555
[email protected]

#3 French

French is a very common language that is among the top foreign languages children learn. It’s easy to learn and more so for English and Spanish speakers. Once your child understands the masculine, feminine, and neutral forms of words, he will be able to pick up the so-called “language of love” quickly and with more ease. French is also a great language to master if your child has hopes of becoming a diplomat, or perhaps going to France to study when he is older.

Where to start:
Alliance Française Singapore
1 Sarkies Road, Singapore 258130
Tel: 6737 8422

#4 Japanese

Contrary to popular belief that Japanese would be easier to understand if you have a background in Chinese, the language is actually slightly tougher to pick up due to the difference in writing and pronunciation of words. So what could encourage you to let your child learn Japanese? As Japan has a thriving economy and tourism industry, mastering Japanese would be beneficial for your child when he is visiting the country or searching for job opportunities in Japanese-based companies in Singapore.

Where to start:
Japanese Explorer
137 Cecil Street 07-04, Hengda building Singapore 069537
Tel: 6528 7918
Email: [email protected]

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