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Left-Handers Are Smarter Than You Think

Why it isn’t so bad being left-handed in a right-handed world.

In this world, one out of 10 people are left-handed. Everywhere they go, left-handed people are forced to use tools designed for right-handers. From scissors and cameras to the can opener and computer mouse, lefties learn early that they need to develop skills to live in a world designed for right-handers. 

Yet the worst part is that here in the 21st century Singapore where majority of parents have received a decent tertiary education, left-handed kids are still often being forced to get corrected. Their reason: Left-handers are “not as smart” as right-handers. 

Famous, Highly-Intelligent Left-Handers

Bollocks! Just ask Barack Obama, U.S President, and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who are lefties themselves. Not convinced? Well, Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa and his other great inventions with his left hand; Albert Einstein wrote all his theories of general and special relativity; and Isaac Newton also picked up that apple with his left hand which became the inspiration to his Law of Gravity.

Beware Of Life-long Consequences

Although it is with good intentions, many are unaware of the massive possible consequences of forcefully converting their left-handed child to becoming right-handed. According to scientific study, this conversion doesn’t convert the brain dominance. Instead, it results in an over-loading of the non-dominant half of the brain and an under-loading of the other half. And there are possible consequences for this: dyslexia, stammering, and not being able to concentrate for long periods of time. The classic example is England’s King George IV, Queen Elizabeth’s father, who was forced to write with his right hand although he was naturally left-handed as a child and later stammered throughout his life. 

Left-handedness Is A Valuable Asset

Even if your child is left-hander, it does not necessarily mean that she is at a huge disadvantage compared to their peers. In reality, it is quite the opposite. There are discoveries that point to the fact that being left-handed has its unique set of advantages – for e.g. being left-handed forces the brain to think more quickly. Left-handers may find it easier to multi-task and deal with a large, sometimes unorganised stream of information.

Lefties Have Better Memories

Researchers also found that lefties who come from families of lefties tend to have better memories, although individuals did not necessarily need to be left-handed themselves to have better memories. They just have to come from a family of left-handers. Other advantages include sports, combat and having good spatial skills and the ability to imagine spatial layouts.

Right Or Left, Your Child Is Special

We are living in a modern, educated society, so do away with the social stigma of old as every child is born special and different. Right-handed children do have their advantages, but so do left-handed ones. It is important to acknowledge that neither is better than the other. Parents of left-handed children should not forceful convert them to become left-handed, but simply accept them as being their unique self.