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Light To Night Festival 2018: Top Attractions Your Kids Will Love

The second edition of Light to Night Festival is back with a bang! Explore the sensations of colour while taking in spectacular facade shows spread around Singapore’s Civic District as it transforms into a stunning nocturnal wonderland.

Think a vibrant kaleidoscope of public art and activities – including interactive light projections, immersive colourscapes, illusionary play with mirrors and participatory indoor works and performances across seven programme zones in the precinct. Needless to say, Light to Night Fest is definitely worth staying up past your kiddos’ bedtime for!

Art Skins on Monuments


A creative collaboration between 30 local and Singapore-based artists, illustrators and multimedia designers, watch as gorgeous hues and colours unfold across the façades of National Gallery Singapore, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall and the Asian Civilisations Museum.

When: 19 to 20, 26 to 27 from 8pm to midnight
21 to 25 and 28 January from 8pm to 10pm
Where: National Gallery Singapore Facade



For the first-time ever, watch as National Gallery Singapore’s City Hall facade morphs into an interactive canvas; have your little one put their creative stamp by stepping on stomping pads which in turn projects coloured visuals onto the Gallery’s facade.

When: 19 to 20, 26 to 27 from 8pm to midnight
21 to 25 and 28 January from 8pm to 10pm
Where: National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing

Indoor Art Commissions

While visiting National Gallery Singapore, pop by its indoor participatory art works where visitors are encouraged to interact with each art commission. Here are some installations that children will particularly enjoy.

A Stitch In Time by David Medalla (Philippines)
An expansive sculptural work series that started in 1968, visitors are encouraged to stitch words or small memorabilia representing personal memories or impulses onto the cloth canvas.

When: Now till 1 April 2018
Where: City Hall Wing, Level 1, Coleman Street Entrance & Level B1 Auditorium Anteroom

The House is Crumbling by Pinaree Sanpitak (Thailand)
A sculptural installation made up of 4,000 Thai Khit pillows assembled into a combination of fixed structures and loose forms, visitors can deconstruct and reconstruct the work by detaching or connecting each building block pillow.

When: Now till 1 April 2018
Where: Supreme Court Wing, Level B1, Koh Seow Chuan Concourse Gallery

One or Several Tigers by Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore)
Adapted for Light to Night Festival, One or Several Tigers tells the story of Singapore through the tale of the Malayan tiger. Located within a mirrored box in the Gallery’s City Hall chamber, the lines are blurred between human and animal, reason and magic, and history and folklore as  visitors are transported into another sphere via an abstract, stylised narrative of Singapore’s History.

When: Now till 28 Jan
Time: From 10am, top of every hour
Where: City Hall Wing, Level 3, City Hall Chamber

House of Mirrors


Embark on a multi-sensory adventure through the House of Mirrors. Expect disorienting optical illusions and reflections as you and your little one venture through a huge labyrinth of endless mirrors. Fret not if you get lost, each admission is timed at 15 minutes, so just soak up the fascinating sights!

Where: Empress Lawn
Tickets: $2 per entry


Trip to the Colourscape


Venture down the historic Esplanade Park Tunnel as it lights up in vibrant hues aimed at stimulating awareness of the environment, through the interplay of coloured lights and shadows. Enhanced with musical performances at the Esplanade Park by local bands, watch out for the Art Incubator: Tropical Primitive Hut presented by year 1 students from National University of Singapore.

When: 19 to 20, 26 to 27 from 8pm to midnight
21 to 25 and 28 January from 8pm to 10pm
Where: Esplanade Park Tunnel and Esplanade Park


Art X Social


Soak in the Festival atmosphere at Art X Social, as the Padang is transformed into a sprawling picnic ground with more than 80 food and craft stalls – the perfect place for watching the light installations and projections unfold! Apart from the delectable food fare, there will be tons of programmes and activities, from dramatised readings, to music performances, poetry recitations and artist talks.

All photo credits: National Gallery Singapore

Light to Night Festival 2018 runs from 19 to 28 January at Singapore’s Civic District, admissions are free. For more information, head to www.lighttonight.sg