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Is your child struggling with exams? Does she need extra help in certain subjects? Are you worried she might not be learning enough in school? Ever watched Sky Castle and thought you might need someone as dedicated—but not as sinister—as Kim Joo-young? These are just some of the questions you might be encountering when it comes to your child’s performance in school.

Singapore may have some of the best schools in the world but as a parent, you might need to exert extra effort to help your child cope with school demands. Here’s where technology comes in. With the emergence of live online tutoring services, your child can learn from certified tutors anytime, anywhere.

We list down some of the reasons why live online tuition is worth checking out.

Convenience is at the core of the online platform

What sets online tutoring platforms apart from tuition centres is the convenience it brings to students. With a single click, your child is on her way to learning in front of an actual tutor, in the comfort of her study table at home, whenever it’s most ideal for her. It can be scheduled after school, during the school break, or even on weekends. Opting to use online tuition sites also takes out the travel time when going to tuition centres, giving your child more time for the family and extra curricular activities. Payment for sessions can also be done online.

There are reputable online tutoring platforms you can choose from

The demand for highly-accessible and quality online tuition platforms have resulted in even more options for parents looking to give their child the best online learning experience. Some platforms you can check out are:

  • Superstar Teacher — An online tutoring site providing the following services: online video lessons for specific topics, instant homework help in case your child is clueless about a task given by the teacher, and auto-marking assessment that features quizzes that will help assess your child’s understanding of a subject matter
  • teachnlearn — This platform hopes to make education accessible to all kids in Singapore. If your child needs help in a specific subject, teachnlearn’s community of tutors are within reach in just a few clicks. All you have to do is to sign up for an account for your child and choose the tutor you want for her.
  • Tenopy — An online tutoring platform with its own curriculum patterned after Singapore’s syllabus. Tenopy invests in interactive online learning experience for students by incorporating content such as videos and quizzes in its sessions. Students of Tenopy also get access to the Tenopy Classroom Desktop App, a companion app that allows students to join live sessions and download learning materials.
  • Tutopiya — A Singapore-based education technology startup that provides highly-advanced virtual classrooms and consistently high teaching standards to students aged 8 to 18. Tutopiya has reached 250 registered students in just six months since it launched. 

Tutors are good at engaging even if it’s online

If you’re worried that it will be less engaging for your child, think about how good online tutors should be to be qualified to conduct classes online. Reputable online tutoring companies set high standards for their tutors. For example, Tutopiya employs highly qualified tutors who have been rigorously vetted and comprehensively trained to teach online. Their tutors undergo language and communication skills tests, in-depth skill reviews, online teaching competency tests, and have had experience teaching in the Ministry of Education schools and International schools.

You can review the sessions anytime

More than the convenience it offers, online tutoring platforms bring a highly-digital solution catering to your child’s specific needs. Your child won’t just get access to online lessons relevant to her, she can even record classes and review them with you. Tenopy, Tutopiya, and teachnlearn all have recording capabilities that you can access anytime.

It’s personal and customised

With online tutoring services, you won’t have to worry if your child is getting enough attention and supervision from her instructor. If you decide to enrol her in these platforms, she will get access to curated lessons and a tutor who’s highly-focused on her. Even though the student doesn’t meet her teacher in person, online tutoring services still have engagement at its core because lessons and classes are customised based on your child’s needs.

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