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It’s easy to neglect your tresses when you’re a parent with little to no time on your hands. But for mummies who want to inject a little more oomph to their everyday look, here are four low-maintenance yet stylish up-dos you can rock even when pressed for time.

Messy mum bun

The quintessential messy bun brings instant relief (and effortless style) on extra humid days, but mummies with layered and/or medium length hair might struggle with creating a bun that actually stays in place without having to use a ton of hairpins and product. Enter the mummy bun, which allows you to achieve the bun of your dreams with a few simple tucks at the back.  

Fancy twisted up-do

Get fancy in 10 minutes or less with this clever up-do that forgoes tricky braiding for a fuss-free twisting technique. The messily elaborate nature of this hairstyle fits right in with hectic mummy lifestyles – grab a few bobby pins and twist away!

Two-strand twist braid

Pretty and functional, this simple two-strand twist braid has become our go-to hairstyle to keep bangs out of the way. Instead of having to French-braid it to perfection, simply twist your fringe and hair till the nape of the neck and braid the remaining section of hair into a cute side plait. Alternatively, just do your fringe and pin it back with a bobby pin. Check out the tutorial from 1:14 onwards.

Double-knotted pony

No hair-tie? No problem. Suitable for mummies with longer hair, simply split your hair into two sections and double-knot it. Finish up by securing with a bobby pin if needed. Check out the tutorial from 0:53 onwards. 

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