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Exciting times are ahead with your first trip as a family! But before you set out for your journey, make sure you’ve got everything covered. Travelling with your little one by plane can be challenging—more so if it’s his first time.

Check out these reminders to give your child (and you) a hassle-free and comfortable ride up in the air:

#1 Be mindful of the timings

Consider your baby’s routine at home around the time you’ll be taking the flight. This way, you will have an idea of his needs. If it falls on his nap time, make sure you’re ready when baby falls asleep especially if he’s going to be sitting on your lap. If it’s around meal time, consider feeding him before you take the flight to avoid meltdowns. You may want to take late evening plane rides too so that he’ll be asleep most of the time.

#2 Familiarise yourself with airline rules

Don’t be complacent when travelling with an infant and make sure you’re armed with information—from boarding and airline assistance you can utilise to which items you can and cannot bring with you. You wouldn’t want to start your trip with an inconvenience, especially with a baby in tow.

#3 Choose your seats

If you want a little bit of privacy, reserve a window seat. If you’re just with your baby and your partner, get a two-seater and avoid the three-seater. This is so it will be easier for you to go to the toilet and change diapers, if need be. You may also purchase a seat for your child. Some airlines, like Singapore Airlines, allow approved car-type child safety seats and harnesses for children under three years of age.

#4 Pack appropriately

Time to unlock a new mummy skill by getting the right mix between being prepared for any baby situation without overpacking. Imagine what Marie Kondo would do and try to pack light, bringing only what’s absolutely necessary. Make sure all the baby essentials are with you during the flightincluding spare clothes, diapers, and breast pumps. Some paediatricians advise to hand-carry these items as to avoid hassle in case checked in luggages get lost. 

#5 Bring some entertainment

While you can’t control your child’s shrieking on board, you can at least minimise it. Bringing something to entertain your child is one way to keep his cool. You may bring a couple of toys he can play around with or a tablet packed with pre-downloaded cartoons or videos. The key is to distract him from the unfamiliar environment while allowing yourself to be comfortable as well.

#6 Prepare his food beforehand

Airlines allow breast milk and breast pumps on board, so make sure to have spare breast milk before you fly. Have a blanket ready as well so that if you really have to breastfeed on board, you can do it discreetly.

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