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We don’t know about you but we remember Jamie Yeo best as the fresh face Tammy Tay in the popular 90’s TV series, Growing Up. Since then, Jamie has done quite a fair bit of growing up herself too. She has been acting and presenting on radio, TV, and in the past few years, having entered the exclusive club that is motherhood, she’s been spending all the free time she gets with her beautiful daughter, Aly. 

1. How do you balance work and family?
I do it with the help of my parents and my helper. I don’t socialise during the week which means I get more time with Aly before and after work.

2. Who is your strongest pillar of support and what are some challenges in your parenting journey?
My mother is my strongest pillar. Juggling work and my daughter is challenging. I hate that I can’t have dinner on weekdays with her because I do the evening show, but at least I get to spend some time with her in the afternoons.

3. How do you overcome those challenges you mentioned?
My mum and dad help out a lot by coming over to have dinner with her and reading her stories before bed.

4. What gift do you wish for this Mother’s Day?
Continued good health. Health is wealth as they say.

5. In what ways do you think Aly is like you?
Her bossiness and her penchant for control.

6. What are your biggest fears and wishes as a mother?
My biggest fears are about health and safety. I’m also dreading the supposedly difficult pre-teen and teenage years.

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This article is an extension of an article found in the print edition of Singapore’s Child April Issue 174 with the headline ‘Mummy Extraordinaire’. 

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