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Meet The World’s First Team Of Pregnant Superheroes!

Superhero fever is in full swing right now, but the world has yet to meet one of the most powerful teams known to mankind – the M.O.M Squad!

Who are these heroes and where have they been all our lives? Just take a look at your mum (or the mirror)! The earliest and yet most neglected team of superheroes have finally emerged, thanks to baby product brand Summer Infant. Brought to life by comic artist Viera Boudreau, the ‘M.O.M Squad’ superheroes are based off of real-life mothers, have powers that all mums would definitely envy, and are all preggers to boot.

Scroll through the gallery for your introduction to these kick-ass ladies!

Agent Momitor

Armed with supersonic vision and hearing, Agent Momitor is able to detect every movement and sound from baby’s room – even in the dead of night!

Agent Momitor is based on Steph Herron Rice from Boston, author of A Little Too Loud.

Professor Potty

Wielding her secret weapon and tons of patience, Professor Potty goes above and beyond to fulfil her duty of making sure every child is properly potty-trained.

Professor Potty is based on Tammy from Washington D.C., author of A Loyal Love.

The MotherLoad

Always prepared for any dastardly situation, The MotherLoad will never be caught off guard. She’s even able to carry anything children need while out and about!

The MotherLoad is based on Paty Osorio from Washington D.C., author of Patty’s Kloset.


With her power to calm and control the waters at bath time, cleanup never makes more than a splash!

Aquamom is based on Jasmine from Detroit, author of Living For Jasmine.