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More Than Just A Cot: This Multifunctional BabyBox Has Everything Your Baby Needs

With the amount of things to buy and the vast choice of products and brands, shopping for your baby can quickly become overwhelming. Cots, play mats, changing stations and toys are only a few of the must-haves for new parents. With this problem in mind, the team at Angel BabyBox designed this clever cot, bringing you a long-lasting, multifunctional space for your baby.

Not only does the Angel BabyBox make for a luxuriously soft sleeping cot, it also doubles up as a play and changing mat and even a travel cot, giving you everything your baby needs in one compact item. Once your baby outgrows the sleeping cot, you can keep using your Angel BabyBox as a mat, giving it a much longer life. A reinforced polypropylene layer keeps it durable and strong through years of sleep and play without taking away from its soft, foamy comfort. When not in use, the Angel BabyBox can be neatly folded into a flatpack, making it ideal for space-saving storage and travel. singapores-child-baby-cot-angel-babybox-product-photo The Angel BabyBox is made with your baby’s safety at heart. Equipped with a safety belt and double-lock mechanism, it comes certified by the British Standards for cots and cribs and is free of loose parts that could become choking hazards. The Angel BabyBox is made of non-toxic EVA foam and 100% natural, Japanese cotton, making it not only soft to the touch but completely water-resistant.

To give you additional peace of mind, the Angel BabyBox is ergonomically designed to ease your baby’s movement with an extra wide base and opening. This makes it particularly easy to pick up and lay down your baby without any fuss. The wide opening also allows you to keep an eye on your baby without needing to hover over the cot all day long, a nifty feature for busy parents.


Looking for a great present to give at the next baby shower? With its versatility, the Angel BabyBox takes a great weight off new parents’ shoulders, making for a particularly thoughtful gift. The Angel BabyBox even comes with its own lid, turning into an aesthetic gift box that transforms into the gift itself once opened. To find out more and get your very own Angel BabyBox, check out