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It’s quite simple: you pee on a stick and wait until a line or two appears. Then you’ll know whether or not you’re going to have a baby. However, you may not be aware that there are some myths surrounding pregnancy tests—you might just be subscribed to some of them!

Don’t disappoint yourself: know when pregnancy tests are telling the truth and when it’s best to wait for the next one.

Myth: Home pregnancy tests confirm that you’re expecting right away. 

Fact: They can be 97% accurate when used correctly.

The truth is it takes around five days until an egg implants in the uterus and before the body produces enough hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), also known as the pregnancy hormone. Until then, hCG remains undetectable and may give you false results if you take a pregnancy test earlier.

Myth: The more expensive your pregnancy test kit is, the better. 

Fact: The time you take the test matters more. 

It is advisable to take one during your first pee in the morning because that’s when your hCG concentration is the highest.

Regardless of their prices, pregnancy kits will tell you if you’re pregnant as long as you’ve used them correctly and during the recommended time.

Myth: Hormones in a woman’s urine can help predict the gender of the baby. 

Fact: Pregnancy tests don’t determine the gender of your baby.

Note that pregnancy tests are only meant to tell one thing: whether or not you’re pregnant.

Myth: Once a pregnancy test reveals you’re pregnant, there’s no way it can’t be true. 

Fact: External factors can lead to false results such as stress, diet, or exercise.

There are other factors that can lead to negative or positive results including timing, your stress level, which can then in turn affect your hormones, the food you eat, and certain medications.

Myth: You can use a pregnancy test kit anytime. 

Fact: Pregnancy tests expire.

Make sure to check the “best before” dates of pregnancy tests because the chemical used to detect hCG may not be that accurate anymore. There’s no need to stock up on them if you and your partner are really keen on getting pregnant. You don’t wanna end up using expired pregnancy tests and getting fake results.

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