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Natural Ways to Cure A Diaper Rash

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There are many reasons as to why your baby might be having an angry, red rash on their bums. Whether it’s the germs, heat or a reaction to diaper related products; once the rashes start, they’re stubborn and don’t go away easily.

Here are a few non-medicinal tricks that just might help!

Well-Ventilated Buttocks

Photo credit: house_of_white_

Photo credit: @house_of_white_

Let your baby roam bare-bottomed at home in the day. Simply lay them butt naked for 5 minutes after each diaper change or lay them on top of a diaper sheet during play time. If going diaper free isn’t a feasible option, clip diapers on loosely or buy them in a size bigger for air circulation.

The Right Diapers
Some diapers may be suffocating and rough on babies’ skin. However, ditching plastic diapers for cloth diapers may not be foolproof either. Different babies react to the type and brand of diapers differently, take time to experiment and find the best fit for your little one!

Dietary Changes
Ingesting too many citrus fruits, sugar and processed foods can lead to overly acidic byproducts which can irritate the skin. Feed your baby more water, soy and bananas if they have started on solids to neutralise the ‘nasties’ and retain the skin at an acceptable PH level of 4 to 5.5.

Natural Creams

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  • Probiotics don’t just regulate the digestion system, sugar-free yogurt also provides an instant cooling relief against burning rashes. Its thick consistency reduces friction and forms a thin barrier between the urine and skin. Healthy cultured bacteria present in yogurt also helps fight germs and builds up the skin’s immunity.
  • Rice water is an ancient remedy for rashes. The allantoin present in rice has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help sooth sunburns as well.
  • Breastmilk is the au-naturel baby remedy. Besides supplying the much needed fat and nutrients to newborns, it is also moisturising with natural healing properties. After cleaning up, apply some breastmilk to the inflamed area and let it dry before putting on the diaper.

Soothing Soaks

Singpapores Child Diaper Rash Bath

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  • Baking soda
    Since most skin irritation is a result of acidity, this alkaline substance is the perfect relief. Two teaspoons of baking soda in a warm bath goes a long way.
  • Oatmeal
    Blend 1/3 cup of oatmeal into a fine powder or run oatmeal in a stocking under hot water to extract an organic ‘soap’. The saponins present make oatmeal a gentle detergent and its starchiness provides a moisturising effect similar to rice water.

Cleaning Up Right

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Photo credit: @adelinemarieandme

Always ensure that their buttocks are clean and dry before wearing new diapers. Most parents swear by the convenience of disposable, non-alcohol wet wipes to do the deed. They don’t usually cause a reaction, however regular cloth towels or kitchen towels might be a safer alternative.

If the rash persists, don’t hesitate to contact your paediatrician before the problem aggravates.

Help a fellow parent out by sharing your diaper rash remedies in the comments below!

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