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It is a great time to come together with your little one to think about what goals to set for the upcoming 2019. When kids see their parents get excited about making resolutions for the impending New Year, it is no surprise that they would want to set some of their own goals too. The practice of making resolutions is an excellent tool that teaches children the value of setting goals for the future; which is something that will help them in the long run. This process helps to create a fun way for children to develop their communication and decision-making skills.

Remember that when it comes to making resolutions, it is important for parents to lead by example. When your child sees you working towards your own goal, they are more likely to follow through on their own. There’s always value in teaching kids to follow through on their long-term objectives, even when it is tough to do so. After all, the whole point of making resolutions is to gain positive benefits from the experience together as a family. 

Here are several New Year resolutions that you can consider making together with your child for 2019.

“We’re going to visit the park at least once a week.”

Given the digital age that we live in, it is inevitable for children and adults alike to spend more time indoors with their electronics than with nature and one another. As such, make a commitment as a family to get outside more. Being outdoors can help children naturally obtain the much-needed vitamin D which has been proven to help improve moods and create a positive mental attitude. The open space is also beneficial for adults to improve their mental health and decrease their stress levels.

“We’re going to start learning to eat healthier.”

It is not too early to get your little one on board with eating healthy. Committing to having healthy meals as a family can develop good habits in your child. As Singapore is a food paradise where we are constantly given many yummy but potentially innutritious options, it’s good to ensure both you and your child develop healthy eating habits that can positively shape or alter your relationship with nutritious foods like almonds, kale and sweet potato.

“We’re going to set aside at least an hour every week to exercise.”

Increasing physical activity is always a good resolution to have. Given the distractions that children (and adults) often face in their home, it can be quite a challenge to motivate them and participate in activities that get them moving away from staying dormant in front of a screen. That’s why, to begin 2019 on a good note, exercise together as a family and help set a good example for your child to follow. In doing this, children can learn that fitness is not dreadful but it is an activity that is fun and easy.

“We’re each going to read at least one book every month.”

It is not a coincidence that children do stop developing their interest in reading when parents stop reading to them. To further your child’s exposure to the literary world, parents should make a concerted effort to read with their children. Be it reading a book to them, or enjoying a quiet reading time together; the sheer act of holding a paperback would provide a positive effect in cultivating their interest in published works while helping kids to understand that books can also be a form of entertainment.

“We’re going to volunteer our time for a good cause.”

A good way to spread kindness and give back to society is to volunteer as a family to help those in need. This would help build stronger bonds within the household and give parents the opportunities they need to interact meaningfully with their children while imparting important values like moral responsibility and interpersonal communication.

“We’re going to start a recycling program at home.”

As the eco-friendly lifestyle continues to gain traction, it isn’t too late to join in the effort and go green with your family. Instead of making major changes to your way of life, start small with household recycling. It isn’t just good for the environment; this resolution also helps the family to develop concern about the environment and understand that resources are not limitless. Children learn by example, and including them in this resolution will offer them practical experience that they can carry with them into adulthood.

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